Coleman CT9 Flashlight Review

Coleman CT9 Flashlight Review

Coleman CT9 Flashlight

The Coleman CT9 LED Flashlight is a great little torch to put in your pocket or easily stow with your camping or hiking gear.

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the Coleman CT9 Flashlight the Thumbs Up award.

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  • A rugged and bright little torch.

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  • None found so far.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Coleman CT9 Flashlight Review

Coleman CT9 Flashlight Review

Our Review

A good torch is always handy to have, and with LED's getting brighter, we can now have a bright torch that uses a lot less energy than torches of the past.

And that's exactly what the Coleman CT9 LED Flashlight delivers. Coleman sent us over a sample to get a closer look at.

Watch our video below.

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The body is aluminium. It feels solid and rugged and able to take all sorts of knocks life could throw at it.

The beam is produced from 5 LEDs producing 90 Lumens. In practice, this provided a good light for walking outside at night (though the Lifesystems Intensity 220 Headtorch provides more light, which is to be expected).

This Coleman torch takes 3 AAA batteries. It was nice to see that 3 Duracell AAA batteries were supplied.

It's a good size to easily slip into your pocket, and also a good size for little hands though they did complain that the metal body was cold.

We've been impressed with this little torch and it gets the Thumbs Up from us.


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