Coleman Comfort Raised Double

Coleman Comfort Raised Double Airbed review

Coleman Comfort Raised Double Airbed review

These extra large raised airbeds look more like a bed at home. But are they any good? We test out the Coleman Comfort Raised Double.

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If you like camping with airbeds, getting the extra height that the Coleman Comfort provides will make your tent feel a little more homely than having to sleep down on the floor.

Our Score: 8.8/10

We've given the Coleman Comfort Raised Double Airbed review the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • The Coleman Comfort Raised Double will feel more like a home bed. We also found that there was less bouncing than smaller air beds.

The not so good

  • If you are pumping by hand, be prepared for a lot of work, as this bed holds a lot of air. Invest in an electric pump to make things easier.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Coleman Comfort Raised Double

Coleman Comfort Raised Double

Our Review

If you like airbeds, then you might want to consider going supersize, especially where height is concerned.

For years we used Campingaz airbeds, though these days we tend to use SIMs (self-inflating mats). However, we have often seen these raised airbeds and wondered just what they are like.

The Coleman Comfort Raised Double

Coleman sent us over their Comfort Raised Double.

Despite the extra size, the airbed box wasn't a great deal bigger than our old Campingaz QuickBed double.

All boxed up: the Coleman Comfort Raised Double

Inside the box, Coleman has included a repair patch, just in case there's an unfortunate accident at the campsite. This should be with the instructions, so be careful to not accidentally discard it.

Inside the box is a repair patch.

Inflating the Airbed

It should come as no surprise that pumping up this massive airbed by hand is hard work. However, and fool me, that's exactly what I did. A couple of times! Until I remembered to bring our Coleman electric pump with us to the campsite.

You can inflate the airbed using a manual or electric pump. Electric is preferable as this bed has a lot of air!

Sleeping on the Coleman Comfort

This airbed can dominate a tent's bedroom. Not in width (it appears to be standard width and length sizes), but in height. If you are using it in a tent that has a sloping bedroom, then you might find that part of your bed is wedged into the side of the tent.

We used it in the Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 tent, and it fitted fine.

On one camping trip, we removed the bedroom divider in the tent, and that made using the bed even easier, and it felt a lot like getting into a divan bed than sleeping down on the floor.

When inflated the Coleman Comfort raised double airbed is about the same height as your bed at home.

One 'feature' of airbeds, is that they can tend to 'bounce', especially in a double bed: when one person turns over at night, the other person bounces on the bed.

We didn't find that the bouncing was that noticeable with the Coleman Comfort. Perhaps that was due to the amount of air in the bed.

Another issue with airbeds is that, when camping at cooler times of the year, they can become cold unless you insulate underneath them. This is because the cold ground can cool the air in the bed, which can then make you cold.

Again, we didn't find this much of a problem. This could have been because of the amount of air in the bed, though the earliest in the season we started testing this was May, and so it wasn't that cold.


The Coleman Comfort does live up to its name and is comfortable. It's easy to get into and out of, and we found fewer issues with bouncing than standard size airbeds.

The downside is that you need a tent that it can sit comfortably in, and you'll want to get yourself an electric pump to make inflating it easier.


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