Coleman Classic Awning Review

Coleman Classic Awning - A simple way to add shelter to your tent

Coleman Classic Awning

The Coleman Classic Awning is a simple way to add a rain shelter to your tent.

Review Score

Our Score: 9.5/10

We've given the Coleman Classic Awning the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • A simple way to add a rain shelter to your tent.
  • Should fit almost any tent.
  • Provides a lot of shelter space.

The not so good

  • Putting it up single-handed can be tricky, but not impossible. Get one of your family to help.
  • This type of awning is not fully enclosed. However, you can use a few windbreaks to add extra shelter.

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Coleman Classic Awning Review

Coleman Classic Awning Review

Throwing the guy lines over the tent

Throwing the Lines

Thumbs up

Thumbs up

Coleman Classic Awning

Coleman Classic Awning

Coleman Classic Awning Dimensions

Coleman Classic Awning Dimensions

Our Review

The Coleman Classic awning is something that I've been recommending people look at when they can't find an awning or extension for their tent.

This awning from Coleman can fit pretty much any tent.

Yes, it isn't a fully enclosed awning, but it does provide a very simple way to add a rain-safe shelter and entrance to your tent.

Put a few windbreaks around the sides, and you can have an enclosed sheltered area to sit under.

Coleman Classic Awning

The Coleman Classic Awning can fit over just about any tent.

Thumbs up

It gets the thumbs up!

Pitching the Coleman Classic Awning

The concept behind the Classic Awning is very straightforward. However, it is a large amount of material with a lot of guylines, and so there are a few steps to make it easier.

1 - Layout the Awning

Lay the Classic Awning out flat in front of where you want it to go.

There is a black strip of material that goes at the front.

After you have put the awning away the first time, you may find the guy lines tangled the next time you get it out. It is worth untangling any guylines before you start pitching.

2 - Get the Guy Lines over the Tent

The guy lines at the back of the awning must go over your tent. There are two ways you can do this.

Option 1 - try and throw the guy line over the top of the tent. This can have mixed results! (Though I do like doing it!)

It's best if you have someone else to catch the line.

Throwing the guy lines over the tent

The hardest part is getting the guylines over the tent.

Option 2 - gather the lines up, keeping in the correct order, and walk them around the back of your tent, pulling them over the top of your tent when you get around the other side.

This method depends on the size and shape of your tent. It can be more successful than throwing the lines over, but if your tent's shape makes it difficult to ease the lines over the roof of your tent as you walk around the back, it's not going to be easy.

3 - Put the Tent Pole in the Front

With the guy lines secured around the back of your tent, slide in the tent pole into the black sleeve at the front of the Classic Awning.

Then, slot the metal pins into the bottom of the pole to bend it into an arch.

This is another part where two pairs of hands are better than one.

The bottom strap on the Coleman Classic Awning

Metal pins insert into the bottom of the tent pole.

The black straps have buckles on to adjust the tension. I recommend you loosen these before putting in the pins, then tighten the straps to the desired width and height after the pins are in and you've formed the arch.

Tension straps for the Awning

The straps that pull the tent poles together to create the arch are adjustable. Loosen them before putting the pins into the tent pole.

4 - Peg the rest out

Starting with the guy lines at the front of the awning, peg the rest of it out.

Having a couple of people hold the awning porch upright makes this easier.


If you are struggling to find a matching tent extension or awning for your brand or make of tent, consider this Coleman Classic Awning. It will provide you with a much-needed space to keep things dry and leave the kids wet or muddy shoes outside the tent.


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