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Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent


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SKU: Castle Pines 4 BlackOut
Brand: Coleman

The Coleman Castle Pines 4 Blackout is a great family tent for weekend camping. Ideal for a family with one or two smaller kids.

This tent comes packed full of features without being a massive tent to store, transport, or set-up.

Let’s take a closer look.

Look around the Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut tent.

Use the 3D viewer below to browse around the tent.  Click on the Coleman logos to move to another view.

Tent Layout

The Coleman Castle Pines 4 uses an excellent tent layout for family camping, with two bedrooms at the back, a living space, and a large sheltered front entrance. There’s no need to crawl in and out of this tent 😉

Castle Pines 4 Tent Layout

A sheltered entrance, a living space, and two slightly longer bedrooms that sleep up to four people (Image credit: Coleman)

Tent Bedrooms

Let’s start with the tent’s bedrooms.

These use Coleman’s BlackOut feature, which not only makes them darker for a better night’s sleep, but Coleman also says that the design helps keep the bedrooms warmer at night and cooler in the day.

The divider between the bedroom can be unzipped, making it easy to get to your kids if they wake in the night. The divider also zips all the way around, and so young kids can’t crawl underneath the divider and wake you at 5 am! 🙂

Either way, the BlackOut bedrooms should help keep them sleeping when the sun rises early in the summer.

The bedrooms also have useful storage pockets for bits and pieces.

Darkened Bedrooms

The Coleman BlackOut bedrooms are not only dark for a better night’s sleep but also help regulate the temperature (photo credit: Coleman)

Living Areas

Being a weekend tent, it doesn’t have a huge living space, but it’s large enough for bags and getting kids sorted.

You have a choice of a large front entrance or a side door.  Typically, we would only use the side door on warm and dry summer days.

All doors have a bug-free mesh, and so the side door can be left open, but with the mesh in place.  This gives extra light and helps cool down the tent in summer but helps keep the flies out.

All the windows have blinds, which zip-up.  Many tents use toggles for blinds, but zips are less hassle. The zips also enable you to have the blinds half up. This is ideal if you are changing young kids in the living space as it gives you privacy but still plenty of light coming in.

Lay-flat entrance

The lay-flat entrance makes it easy to go in and out of the tent without tripping (photo credit: Coleman)

The groundsheet at the big front door lays flat. This is an excellent feature to look for.

Without it, young kids typically end up tripping over the tent entrance at some point (and adults too!), so it’s great to see the lay-flat entrance on this tent.

The small shelter on the outside of the tent helps get in and out of the tent if there’s a rain shower.


This is a light tent to get in and out of your car at just over 16 kg and with relatively small pack size, making it ideal for last-minute decisions to go camping when a sunny weekend comes.

Pitching is with flexible poles that slot together. These are colour coded and slot into sleeves on the tent that match the colour of the pole.

If you know what you are doing, one person can pitch this type of tent. When looking after young kids, two adults aren’t always free to pitch the tent. However, you would find it easier with two people, but the second person only needs to provide an occasional hand.


You can get a carpet and a tent footprint.

Both are useful accessories, but if your budget is tight, I recommend getting the carpet over the footprint. However, some retailers are doing tent bundles that include both the carpet and footprint cheaper than buying them individually.


If you are looking for a similar spec tent but inflatable, look at the Coleman Weathermaster 4 Air.

If you like this tent but want a slightly large one, look at the Coleman Castle Pines 4L.

9.3Expert Score
A great weekend tent for a family with one or two kids
The Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut is packed with features and comes in a bag that's easy to store, easy to transport, and easy to pitch. We recommend this is an ideal tent for weekend camping for a family with one or two kids.
Value for Money
Family Friendly
  • Packed full of features (See the Specification)
  • Darkened Bedrooms
  • Lay-flat Entrance
  • Zip-up blinds
  • Good tent material with SPF50 to help keep UV off you and your family
  • None found so far.

Photos: Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent

Videos: Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent

Price Guide: Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent

Specification: Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent

Height (cm)


Length (cm)


Width (cm)


Weight (kg)


Pack Size (cm)


Tent Bedrooms
Bedroom Divider

Removable, fully zipped (no gaps)

Cable entry to Bedrooms

Yes, one bedroom

Darkened Bedrooms


Larger Bedrooms

Yes, 210 cm depth

Removable Bedroom

Entire inner tent

Storage Pockets in Bedroom


Auto-seal bedroom doors


Tent Details


Recommended Tent Use

Frame Type

Wind Rating

7 (High Wind: 32-38mph/50-61kph)

Tent Fabric

Hydrostatic Head

6000 mm

Taped Seams


Sun Protection


Groundsheet Hydrostatic Head (mm)

Not Applicable (PE Fully Waterproof)

Sewn-in Groundsheet (main tent)


Tent Accessories

Tent Carpet, Tent Footprint

Year Introduced


Tent Doors
Additional Tent Doors

Yes, on one side

No-Trip Entrance

Yes, at main door

Rain-safe Entry

Yes, at main door

Bug-Free Mesh

On all exterior and bedroom doors

Door converts to sunshade


Tent Living Space
Inner Living Space Size

1 section (e.g. bag space)

Living Area Storage Pockets


Cable Entry

Yes, both sides

Wet-Dry Zone


Built-in Porch

No, but small shelter

Porch Storage Pockets


Internal Hanging Line


Tent Pitching and Storage
Colour Coded Tent Pegs


Colour Coded Tent Poles


Guy Line Storage


People to Pitch

2 People

Pump included

Not Applicable

Wheeled Tent Bag

No, not required

Tent Windows
Window Blinds

Yes, zip up

Tinted Windows


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Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent
Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut Tent


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