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Coleman Basalt Single sleeping bag review


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SKU: Basalt
Brand: Coleman

Sleeping bags can be a personal thing: sometimes you just can’t find one that is comfortable enough. The Trudgian Family put the Coleman Basalt to the test.

Sleeping bags. An often over looked, yet never under appreciated piece of essential camping equipment. The technology in sleeping bags has come on leaps and bounds, yet the form and function of a sleeping bag have stayed relatively unchanged for the past 50 years.

In the Coleman sleeping bag line up, one bag stands out as perhaps the best all round bag to have while camping. The Basalt sleeping bag offers the occupant a very comfortable and warm nights’ sleep.

Unlike its competitors, The Basalt sleeping bag does not state if it is suitable for 2, 3 or 4 seasons, but instead offers a range of temperatures that are comfortable sleeping conditions. As an extreme the bag can withstand -28 degrees, it’s limit is -9 degrees, but it can manage to keep the occupant warm in temperatures as low as -3 degrees.

For our review, we volunteered Tom to try out the bag while away at the very beginning of the camping season, when the nights can be particularly cold. Being 6’3” Tom doesn’t usually like sleeping bags, as they seldom raise up to his shoulders, and he doesn’t enjoy the claustrophobic feeling of a mummy style bag.

However, Tom really enjoyed this sleeping bag and he has used it again and again. Only last week he mentioned its possibly the best sleeping bag he has ever tried, and trust me, he has been through a few.

So here are just a few of the features from the Basalt sleeping bag.

The bag we had to review had a really attractive blue check pattern as an internal lining and it comes with an inner pocket. This is perfect for us older generation to stow away a wallet or purse. But for the teenagers amongst us, this obviously is where the phone goes.

The bag also boasts an anti odour feature too. This is a coating on the fabric that prevents the formation of 99% of odour forming bacteria, which goes a long way to controlling the scent of a teenage boy. Well, almost.

The only negative thing we could find about the bag was the case it came in. We are used to folding and rolling the sleeping bag into a cover, the Basalt, however, comes in a fabric case that requires careful folding to ensure it goes back in neatly. After a few goes, however, it was fine. It certainly takes some practice though.

So, in conclusion. Would we recommend it? Yes. To cater for someone who is 6’3” a little bit fussy and only functions after a good night sleep, it performed brilliantly. In fact, the Coleman Basalt is one of the best sleeping bags we have ever used.



10Expert Score
Sleeping bags can be a personal thing: sometimes you just can't find one that is comfortable enough. The Trudgian Family put the Coleman Basalt to the test.
Value for Money
  • The Coleman Basalt is comfortable and also has built-in odour control.
  • Getting it back in the bag takes some practice.

Specification: Coleman Basalt Single sleeping bag review

Sleeping Bag Temperature Ratings
Comfort Temperature -3C
Lower Limit -9C
Extreme -28C
Weight 2.2 kg

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Coleman Basalt Single sleeping bag review
Coleman Basalt Single sleeping bag review


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