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The Colapz Dog Water Bottle is a great design that means your dog has a drink, you carry less, and more water is saved.

When we go out on long hikes with our dog, we take a water bottle and collapsible bowl for her to drink from.  The bowl is sometimes clipped to the outside of our backpacks after it’s been used.

Fortunately, we came across the Colapz Dog Water Bottle, and Colapz kindly agreed to send us one to review.

Colapz Dog Water Bottle Review

You can get this dog bottle in blue, green, or grey, and it features a large leaf on the side of the bottle.

Ingeniously, this leaf peals up an forms a bowl for your dog to drink from.

Peeling back the leaf

Peel the leaf upwards and it turns inside out, becoming the bowl to drink from.

Water can then easily flow from the bottle into the leaf-shaped bowl.

The leaf filling with water

It is not only easy to fill with water, but it’s also easy for unused water to go back into the bottle.

This is such a great design and means one less item to carry.

However, an added benefit is that a bottle of water lasts a lot more, since any water our dog hasn’t drunk, can flow back into the bottle and isn’t wasted.

Colapz also demonstrates that this can be used with food too, but I suspect we’ll just keep it for water. Note that it isn’t dishwasher safe.

The bottle also comes with a clip. This is an area that the bottle didn’t look too strong, but even with a full bottle of water, it’s taken the weight well.

Plus, we’ve had no leaks either, though we tend to always keep our bottles upright in the side of our bags, or sometimes hang this bottle.

So far, it’s been a great addition to our outdoor gear and get’s the Thumbs Up award.

Thumbs Up

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Colapz Dog Water Bottle
Colapz Dog Water Bottle


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