Campingaz Powerbox Review

Campingaz Powerbox Review - Keeping Cool on the Move

Campingaz Powerbox

We've been using the Campingaz Powerbox for a few years now and it's a great way to transport your chilled food to camp.

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Our Score: 9.5/10

We've given the Campingaz Powerbox the Thumbs Up award.

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The good

  • Keeps food cool while you are travelling to the campsite.
  • Comes with a normal lid when you aren't using power.

The not so good

  • None found so far.

This was a hands-on product review.

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Campingaz Powerbox Review

Campingaz Powerbox Review

Our Review

The Campingaz PowerBox is a great way to get your cold stuff to camp by using the 12V supply in your car to keep things cool...

We've used the Campingaz Powerbox 28L for a few years now and have been pleased with it.

It also came a very close second in a coolbox comparison test (click here to see the coolbox comparison test).

Here's a quick video we put together on this coolbox.

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As you can see that this coolbox has a powered lid (hence 'Powerbox') that cools the box, and runs off a 12V car power supply.

This powered cooler helps keep the contents cool, but you do need cold contents in the coolbox, to begin with as it isn't a powerful refrigeration unit.

There is also a second 'regular' lid for when carrying the coolbox around, or leaving in your tent.

We found the Powerbox slightly larger than the Thermos 28L we had before as the Powerbox has straighter sides and so you get more usable space.

When using the electric cooler, it is vital that you attach the cable up the right way: there is a blue dot on the cable that plugs into the connector on the lid. However, on the other side of the cable is a red dot.  If you plug that in the cooler turns into a heater and will warm your food.

It's also important to check that the 12V supply is connected properly. You need to see a green light for the cooler to be working properly. If you only get a red light then the cooler may not be connected properly, or try plugging back into the 12V power supply socket but with the plug in a different position.

All in all we've found the Campingaz Powerbox very reliable.

If you don't need the full 28L you can also get a slightly smaller 24L version.


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