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BubbleBum - The child's car booster seat when travelling


Planning on hiring a car abroad with small kids? The BubbleBum is the perfect solution to avoid having to carry around child booster seats.

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If you want to hire a car abroad (or even take some taxi journeys!) and you have young kids, what do you do about a booster seat? BubbleBum is the solution.

Our Score: 10/10

We've given the BubbleBum the Thumbs Up award.

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  • The BubbleBum solves the problem of needing a child's car booster seat when you are travelling.

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This was a hands-on product review.

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The best price we've found so far is £34.99.

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Bubble Bum

Bubble Bum

Our Review

We've been there. Lugging child booster seats through the airport.

We've also been there with taxis that don't car about little ones not strapped in properly (and then drive line maniacs).  All part of the fun of family travel? May be not.

When planning for an upcoming road trip abroad, with plenty of driving and transfers between places, carrying a booster seat around wasn't going to be an option. Fortunately a number of people recommended to us the 'BubbleBum' - and we've been very impressed with it.

BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat

The BubbleBum inflatable car booster seat

We ordered our BubbleBum from Amazon and it came in a shape that didn't look like a car booster seat. That's because the BubbleBum is inflatable, so it can just be put into your suitcase to be inflated when needed.

The BubbleBum in its carry case

The BubbleBum in its carry case.

It comes with its own carry case, and is lightweight, which makes a change from carrying around cumbersome child booster seats.

The BubbleBum inflated

The BubbleBum car seat inflated.

You inflate it by blowing into valve at the back. If you go camping you'll find it's the same sort of valve as a Self Inflating Mat.

Once inflated it is quite comfortable (better than hard booster seats) and has a fabric cover. Different colour covers are available.

The BubbleBum fitted in the car

The BubbleBum fitted in the car.

It simply clips onto the seat belts to secure in the car.

There's also a shoulder strap to position the upper seat belt correctly for your child.

Update: Well, our road trip is now complete. We used the BubbleBum for over two weeks on this road trip and it worked really well and definitely gets the thumbs up from us as a good bit of family travel gear.

It folded down well into the suit case and was light (so not using much of that valuable baggage allowance!). In the car it was comfortable (no complaints from our little man at all). And despite being left in a hot car - read very hot car as we went to Death Valley which was 120F or 48.888C! - the seat had no problems.

This is such a simple idea that works really well.

If you're travelling abroad and planning on hiring a car, it's well worth considering the BubbleBum car booster seat.


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