On the river with the BlueFin Cruise Stand Up Paddleboard

Unveiling the Bluefin Cruise SUP

BlueFin Cruise SUP

The BlueFin Cruise is a good-quality SUP and a great package to get on the water.

Review Score

An excellent package with a good quality SUP.

Our Score: 9.2/10

We've given the BlueFin Cruise SUP the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
Value for MoneyFeaturesFamily FriendlyQualityPracticality

The good

  • Good thick material; good quality fins
  • Fiberglass paddle
  • Well designed and comfortable backpack
  • Good quality dual-action pump
  • Phone Dry-Bag
  • Optional extra of a Kayak Seat

The not so good

  • None found

This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

Price Guide

BlueFin Cruise SUP has a recommended retail price of £499.00.

The best price we've found so far is £499.00.

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BlueFin Cruise SUP Photos

On the river with the BlueFin Cruise Stand Up Paddleboard

BlueFin Cruise SUP

BlueFin SUP

BlueFin Cruise SUP

Testing the SUP on the River Severn

Testing the SUP on the River Severn

The SUP, bag, pump, and paddle

The SUP, bag, pump, paddle, and phone dry bag.

The SUP packed into the bag

The SUP packed into the bag

The Inflation Point

The Inflation Point

A phone in the supplied dry bag

The dry bag for the phone was a really bonus. The phone's touch screen works through the dry bag.

Child and dog on the SUP on a river

Cruising up the river with the BlueFin Cruise SUP.

The SUP's Pump

The pump is dual-action and can inflate twice as fast. However, you can change it to single-action if and when the pump gets hard to push.

On the Stand-up Paddle Boards on the river

Heading off

Our Review

BlueFin, a UK SUP company, contacted us and asked if we'd like to review one of their SUPs. Of course, we said! 😃

BlueFin SUPs

BlueFin makes a range of different Stand-up Paddleboards.

They have a great tool to help you find the right paddle board. Find right SUP for you

We opted for the BlueFin Cruise, which is an excellent all-round paddleboard.

However, if you want something bigger, one that could have parents and kids all on one board, check out the massive BlueFin Mammoth

The BlueFin Cruise

The Bluefin Cruise Package

You get a lot in the package

A lot comes with the BlueFin Cruise SUP.

Of course, the SUP, but you also get the following:

  • Adjustable fibreglass paddle
  • Large and well-made backpack to store it all
  • A great dual-action pump
  • 3 good fins
  • A repair patch

Inflating the SUP

The Inflation Point

Inflating the SUP is simple.

I found the SUP inflated relatively quickly, and compared to the basic cheap SUP we bought, it inflates much faster.

The BlueFin pump is a very good dual-action pump, so you get twice the air for one push.

I also found it gripped onto the inflation point well. Unfortunately, some cheaper pumps don't stay attached, which can become frustrating when inflating. But the one from BlueFin was great.


The BlueFin cruise has three fins: one large central fin and two outer fins.

The fins are really good quality and attached and clip in place easily. They are also easy to remove when finished.

Plus, BlueFin provides spare locking catches, along with a repair patch.

The Paddle

BlueFin hasn't opted for a cheap paddle either.

Cheaper SUPs have a simple metal paddle. The one with the Bluefin Cruise is fibreglass and much lighter and won't rust.

It's shaped well and has a very comfortable offset paddle handle, which is angled just right for paddling a SUP.

The Board

Of course, the board is the main thing, and this doesn't disappoint too.

Compared to our cheap SUP we bought off Amazon, the material of the Bluefin Cruise is noticeably thicker. (It's heavier, too, due to the extra material).

The area you stand on is also a good-quality pad. There are also good attachment points and handles. All feel and look very well made.

One attachment point is for a Kayak Seat, an optional extra.

With this, you can turn the Bluefin Cruise into a sit-on-top kayak.

Woman and dog sitting on the SUP with the Kayak seat

The kayak seat means you can use the SUP as a sit-on-top kayak.

The Phone Dry-Bag

This was a nice addition to the set: a phone dry bag.

Phone in dry-bag

This dry bag was a nice addition to the set.

You could even operate your phone and take pictures while protecting it from the water.

The Bag

Finally, the bag is another good-quality item.

The bag packed with the SUP inside

Everything easily fits into the bag

There is ample room to fit the SUP, pump, paddle, and other accessories into the bag.

The bag contains straps to keep the SUP in place, reinforcements, feet to stand upright, a drainage hole, an external large pocket, side pockets big enough for paddles, and a comfortable and adjustable padded webbing to wear as a backpack.

Often these things are left as an afterthought. It's nice that Bluefin has considered all aspects of this set.

On the Water

Me standing on the paddleboard on the river

Testing the Bluefin SUP

I found the SUP stable and manoeuvrable on the water and glided through the water well. More so than the cheap SUP we bought from Amazon.

The Leash

Oh, and of course, you get the standard ankle leash. Again, this was good quality and comfortable.

However, you can upgrade this to the ...

BlueFin Re-leash

This is a utility belt and quick-release leash attachment.

I hadn't encountered this before and was initially confused, but now I see how this can improve safety. It's something Bluefin recommends if you take the SUP on moving water.

Attaching and releasing the Releash

Attaching and releasing the Releash

It's a clever idea. After securing the belt in place with the clip, tug on the yellow toggle to release it.

Paddler on the water with the leash attached to the Releash belt

You attach the board's leash to the Bluefin Releash Belt.

You are still secured to your board with the board's leash attached to the belt, not your ankle.

However, if you are in fast-moving water and there is a risk of the leash tangling around you, you can pull on the toggle and get free.


The other advantage is that it keeps the leash away from your feet... which may be a help if you are still learning how to stand up on the board 😀


At the time of writing this review, the Bluefin Cruise was only about £150 more than the 'cheap' one I bought off Amazon. (Note that board prices depend on board size and colour)

However, the difference in quality is night and day, with the Bluefin Cruise in a different league.

It gets the Thumbs Up from us.


AttributeBlueFin Cruise SUP
Best Price£499.00
Product InfoBrand Web Page
Length (cm)315
Weight (kg)10.41
Pack Size (cm)90 x 46 x 30
Year Introduced2023
Max Load (kg)140