Bear Grylls Kids Softshell Review

Bear Kids Core Softshell Jacket Review

Bear Kids Core Softshell Jacket

Looking for something to keep the wind off and another layer of the winter? This Bear Kids softshell jacket is a great bit of outdoor kit, kid size.

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Our Score: 10/10

We've given the Bear Kids Core Softshell Jacket the Thumbs Up award.

GOWTK Thumbs Up Award
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The good

  • A proper softshell jacket that's designed for kids sizes.
  • Plus it's got that added BG motivation for getting out and about.

The not so good

  • Have not been able to fault it. Does exactly what you'd want from a soft-shell jacket.

This was a hands-on product review.

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Bear Grylls Kids Softshell Review

Bear Grylls Kids Softshell Review

Our Review

clothes can act as a motivation for kids

We've written before how some clothes can act as a motivation for kids to get outside. Put them in something they've seen on TV, and immediately they transform. However, this is no Star Wars character dressing up costume, but chief scout and TV adventurer, Bear Grylls.

It's not only motivation, though, as this is a real soft-shell jacket, not just some over-priced imitation with a celebrity logo.

Softshell Jacket Review

Why a Soft-shell Jacket?

Soft-shell jackets are lightweight and provide a great wind barrier keeping you warm.

They are called 'soft shell' as they have a softer feel than 'hard shell' jackets.; they don't have a hard waterproof coating. These jackets are water-resistant enough for light showers.

great jackets for windy days exploring the hills

These are great jackets for windy days exploring the hills and are designed for easy of movement, unlike bulkier coats.

You also use soft-shell jackets in winter as they are thin enough to use as another layer underneath an 'outer shell' jacket, providing much better insulation in cold weather.

get two uses from one jacket

So you effectively get two uses from one jacket: a lightweight jacket for windy days when it's not too cold, and better insulation for much colder days in winter.

I am Bear Grylls

I am Bear Grylls

The Bear Kids Core Softshell Jacket

Soft-shell jackets are a 'technical' piece of clothing, i.e. something specifically designed for the outdoors, and as is typical, not many companies make proper outdoor clothing for kids. You may find imitations on the high street, but many don't use the design and technical materials necessary for the outdoors.

This kids Bear Grylls jacket is made by Craghoppers, who have years of experience making proper outdoor clothing for adults. They've used the same technical materials and design of the adult ranges but scaled down to kids size.

Our little adventurer loved it

We've been very impressed with the BG soft-shell jacket. Our little adventurer loved it too and instantly transformed into a little Bear Grylls (though fortunately not eating all the bugs!).

The jacket is fleece lined inside, has zipped pockets, and cuffs and collar can wrap your kid up to keep heat in and the cold wind out.

It's machine washable too and goes well with the Bear kids fleece.

It get's the thumbs up from us.

And Dad doesn't go without either, as there's an Adult Bear Core Softshell Jacket too ;-)


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