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As any parent knows, kids have got to be motivated to enjoy doing something. We found a Bear Grylls Kids Fleece worked as a great motivator too!

As any parent knows, kids have got to be motivated to enjoy doing something. We were surprised at how clothes can motivate…even boys!

As they say, “The extra mile is between your ears“. Your head needs to be in the right place sometimes to keep going when your legs get tired.

Any parent who has tried to get their child to walk a bit further when they’re tired knows that it’s all about motivation.

Sometimes the promise of a snack can help. We’ve also found that Geocaching can add a distraction to the walk so that kids walk a bit further (because they are enjoying it). What we didn’t expect was that clothes could help with motivation too.

So what was so motivating? Well, the kind folks over at Craghoppers sent us a Bear Grylls kid’s fleece to review, and when our little lad put this on, he was suddenly Bear Grylls, and was off!

The BG Factor

Starting a Fire
Granted, this ‘magic‘ is only going to happen if your kids know and like watching Bear Grylls.

There’s been some debate over if Bear Grylls is a good role model or not, but watching Bear is something we like to do in the winter months. The kids have certainly picked up some tips and will often build a shelter ‘like Bear Grylls‘. Fortunately they’ve not tried to fast rope down cliffs though 😉

Our little Bear Grylls
With his BG Fleece on our youngest thought he was the BG himself. He literally ran up a really steep hill that had the adults gasping for breath to keep up.

He has been using this top now for months and it has been a must have item for camping and hiking.

The Bear Grylls Kids Fleece

Bear Grylls microfleece

Bear Grylls Influence

Trail Fleece is a half zip fleece and is good quality, and survived the rough and tumble world of kids.

It’s a ‘micro fleece’ type of top, and is a good outer layer or mid-layer when cooler.

Bear Grylls Kids Range

Bear Grylls Kids Range

Bear Grylls Kids Range

If you think your kids could do with a bit of BG inspiration then there’s a range of BG kids items to choose from, including a kids version of the distinctive outdoor trousers Bear Grylls often wears on his adventures.

Disclaimer: Thanks to the guys over at Craghoppers for providing us with a sample of their Bear Grylls kids range for us to review.

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BG Kids: Outdoor Energy Clothes for Kids
BG Kids: Outdoor Energy Clothes for Kids
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