Ambronite Review

Ambronite Review

Ambronite Super Meal

We give Ambronite a test. With promises of super foods and a something that will keep us energised and full whilst out hiking the hills, just how well does it live up to those claims?

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This was a hands-on product review. The product was supplied to us to test and conduct the review.

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Ambronite Review

Ambronite Review

Our Review

We try to test and review things on Get Out With The Kids that you, as parents, might find useful when getting outdoors with your family.

So, what is Ambronite, and why could it be useful?

What is Ambronite

Ambronite is a complete meal in a drink, but what's different to other meal replacement shakes, is that this is made from organic superfoods, designed to give you a complete balanced meal that's packed full of nutrients.

Ambronite 10 pack with Bottle

Ambronite 10 pack with Bottle

Why Ambronite might Help You

Well, you, like many of us, may get outside as part of a healthy lifestyle. After all, getting outside is good for you.

Ambronite, with its high nutritional content, would be a great addition to getting fit and healthy.

However, where Ambronite could really help, is that they claim that just one serving should keep you feeling full for about 4.5 hours. So if you are out and about all day, this could be just the fuel to keep you active with the kids.

Ambronite Ingredients and Nutrition Info

Ambronite Ingredients and Nutrition Info

So, is Ambronite it any good?

Well, you can get Ambronite as a set of 10 packets. It's a little pricey, but as Ambronite point out, they are using a lot of high-quality superfoods.

Mixing it, according to the instructions, is straightforward too.

Just pour 550ml of water into the Ambronite drink bottle, pour in the Ambronite, and give it a shake. (They recommend let it stand for at least 2 minutes for the powder to get fully diluted).

Watch our short video for more details...and our taste test.

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Well, as you can see, none of us really liked the taste, though some of us liked it more than others.

For me, I had such high hopes for Ambronite. It looked really good. But I just couldn't get used to the taste.

Although taste is a personal thing, I'm really hoping that Ambronite address this. Healthy food doesn't have to taste bad.

Of course, it might taste just fine for you :-)


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