Tent at the campsite


We've reviewed a great many tents. Here you can find all the tents that are currently available. Tap here to view tent reviews for discontinued models, which you can often buy secondhand for a very good price.

The Robens Settler Field tent pitched in a field

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardUltimate Robens Settler Field Tent Unboxing, Pitching, and Tour!

Looking at the Outwell Sunhill 5 Air from the front

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardA great tent for a small family: Outwell Sunhill 5 Air

View of the Outwell Stonehill 7 Air Tent

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardYour family holiday home: The Outwell Stonehill 7 Air

View of the Easy Camp Moonlight Spire Tent

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardExcellent for backgarden camping: Easy Camp Moonlight Spire

View of the Robens Settler Sky tent in a mountain valley at night

Robens Settler Sky: A Tipi With a View

A view of inside the tent

Outwell Blackwood 4

View of inside the Outwell Avondale 5PA tent

Outwell Avondale 5PA

A view of the Outwell Ashwood 3 Porch filled with camping furniture.

Outwell Ashwood 3: A big tent in a smaller size

Easy Camp Energy 200 Compact adventure tent

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardAn affordable start to adventure camping with the Easy Camp Energy 200 Compact

The Robens Cobra Stone 5 tent pitched at a campsite with the door of the tent open

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardRobens Cobra Stone 5: A family-sized adventure tent you can stand up in

Pitching the Outwell Hayward Lake Tent

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardOutwell Hayward Lake 5ATC: A Canvas-Style Luxury Air Framed Family Tent

Boy looking at Outwell Yosemite Lake lake tent pitched in the Sierra Mountains

Outwell Yosemite Lake 6TC

Outwell Vermont 7PE Tent Review

Outwell Vermont 7PE

Outwell Norwood 6 Tent Review

Outwell Norwood 6

Outwell Jacksondale 5PA Tent Review

Outwell Jacksondale 5PA

Outwell Avondale 6PA Tent Review

Outwell Avondale 6PA

Enjoying the Robens Chinook Ursa PRS

Robens Chinook Ursa PRS - A Stove Capable Tipi

Trail Outdoor Leisure Hartland 4

Trail Outdoor Leisure Hartland Tent

Looking inside

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardRegatta Malawi 2 Pop-up Tent

Outwell Sundale 7PA at the campsite

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardOutwell Sundale 7PA - A massive family holiday tent

The Coleman Vale 6L Family Tent

A large family tent without a huge cost

The Coleman Aspen 4 Tent

A great weekend tent if you are on a tighter budget.

Coleman Meadowood 4 Air

A great tent for weekends at the campsite

Coleman Castle Pines 6L Pitched

A Large Family Holiday Tent

Enjoying camping with the Coleman Castle Pines 4L

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardAn excellent tent for Family Camping

Coleman Meadowood 4L Tent Pitched

Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut

Pitched at the campsite

A great weekend tent for a family with one or two kids

Weathermaster 4 Air - tent pitched

A great family tent

The Outwell Springwood 5

A Great Tent for Weekend Family Camping

The Robens Wolf Moon 5XP

A Family Tent for lots of Regular Use

The Outwell Parkdale 6PA

A Great Family Holiday Tent

The Outwell Montana PE

A Great Family Tent

Eagle Rock TC 6+2XP

Robens Eagle Rock TC 6+2XP

Outwell Oakdale 5PA

Outwell Oakdale 5PA

Tent pitched wild camping in the Lake District

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardHelvellyn 300

Robens Pioneer 3EX pitched in our back garden

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardRobens Pioneer 3EX Lightweight Tent

The SheltaPod attached to the rear of a car

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardThe SheltaPod - a Swiss-army knife of vehicle shelters

Octagon in Orange

Coleman Octagon

Robens Klondike Grand

Robens Klondike Grande: A great size bell tent. Traditional camping at a reasonable price.

Outwell Parkdale 4PA 2021

Outwell Parkdale 4PA

Having a camp out

Easy Camp Bolide 400 - Ideal additional summer fun tent

Looking at the porch

Coleman Weathermaster 4XL Air Tent

Inflating the Weathermaster 8XL tent

Coleman Weathermaster 8XL Air Tent

Outwell Airville 6SA Tent

Outwell Airville 6SA

Camping with the Chinook Ursa

Robens Chinook Ursa

Easy Camp Palmdale 500 Lux

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardOur Easy Camp Palmdale 500 Lux scoring

Robens Kiowa

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardRobens Kiowa Tent Review

Outwell Earth 5 Tent Review

We gave this the Thumbs Up awardOutwell Earth 5 Weekend Tent Review