About our Affiliate Programmes

Here on “Get out with the kids” we are a member of a number of affiliate programmes.  But what does that mean? And what does it mean to you?

What are affiliate programmes?

An affiliate programme typically enables a website to earn a little income (and yes it is a little – a few pence here, and a few pence there) from placing product adverts or linking through to products on a merchant’s website.

Click then buy helps Get Out With The Kids keep running

The price of the product is the same regardless of clicking our link to go to a retailer’s website or going directly

Buy purchasing items through links on Get Out With The Kids doesn’t cost you anything more.  The price of the product is the same regardless of clicking our link to go to a retailer’s website or going directly. However, when you do buy after clicking a link, we earn a little money back from the merchant.

It’s not much money, but every little helps keep Get Out With The Kids running.

You don’t have to buy products through the affiliate links, but if you do, we’re grateful.

Our Affiliate Programmes

You don’t have to buy products through the affiliate links, but if you do, we’re grateful.

“Get out with the kids” is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme enables websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk.  It also participates in an affiliate programme with Affiliate Window and Web Gains, providing access to a great number of outdoor products.

You should note that only some links on this website are affiliate links (mostly the products).  A great many links are that, just links.

We do not favour links to products with the highest affiliate advertising commission. As you can see in the product price comparison tables and product listings that we display the cheapest price (based on the information we receive from the merchants), which gets calculated regardless of any potential affiliate advertising fees.

How to identify affiliate links

You’ll see that affiliate links are identified by association with the affiliated merchant.  The associated product picture may have a merchant logo (such as Amazon.co.uk, or Cotswold Outdoor).  You will also see on product review pages it will explicitly say ‘Available from Amazon.co.uk’ or ‘Available from Cotswold Outdoor’ for example.

You see all the retailers we are affiliated with by clicking on the button below.

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Lots of discounts and products for you to compare

Affiliate linked products listed and showing a price comparison of on-line and high-street products, so that you can find the best deal.

A big advantage of some of these affiliate programmes is that we get data feeds of the latest products and prices. This means that we can show you the latest price for a product across a number of on-line or high street retailers.

We also get provided with a number of voucher discount codes.  If we know a merchant has a discount promotion code then we display it, enabling you to make further savings.

A website that just promoted its own products cannot do this.

Does the affiliate relationship influence our reviews?

No.  Our aim is not to earn a few pence from advertising a product.  Our aim is to give useful information for families wanting to have their own outdoor adventures.

You’ll see many reviews of products we’ve used or products we’ve reviewed for buying.

Fortunately, there are a lot of affiliate programmes meaning we can also display where to buy and latest price information if you wished to purchase at some point.  But this is not always the case, and we will link to a product we consider good, regardless of not having an affiliation.

We also do not promote knowingly bad products.  If we think something is not great we will say so and point out its downsides.

Furthermore, where possible we report other purchaser’s reviews so you can further judge if a product is good or bad. (Unfortunately, not all affiliate programmes automatically supply this information, but we still try to report on this info for you, even if we have to spend hours getting it by hand).

Some products have no affiliation either.  We will list good products for family outdoor adventures regardless of any affiliations we do or do not have.

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