Family Friendly Grinshill and Corbett Wood Walk

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Corbet Wood and Grinshill
The Church at Clive

This walk takes you from the wooded car park of Corbett Wood and up to the summit of Grinshill.
After reaching the top and taking in the views, you carry on around the hill, and eventually return to the car park in this circular walk.

Route Map
Grinshill Walking Route Map
Full route details can be found on
OS Maps, Ordnance Survey
Our Review

We’ve walked a great many routes in our home county of Shropshire. Surprisingly though, we’ve not bagged Grinshill before.

Well, we’ve now put this right with this family-friendly walking route, which is published by Shropshire County Council. You can download a leaflet from them that provides a walking route with instructions and information. We’ve also recorded the route in OS Maps so that you can follow along with your phone, though we didn’t find the final trail on the printed route when we did it.

Route Instructions

You can park at Corbett Wood car park, where you can find some useful information and also see the old Quarryman’s Hut. It’s worth peering through the bars in the window. You can see the old hearth and even an ornate fireplace.

This board is in the Corbett Woods car park and shows some of the many trails you can take from there.

Head back out of the car park and then turn left down the road, which turns into a bit of a track.

Follow the main path

Keep an eye to the left. You will go past the massive old quarry. Stone from here built many of the landmark buildings and bridges in the nearby historic market town of Shrewsbury.

Carry on the main path and eventually, you will get a metal barrier with trails into the woods.

Follow the sandy path up to the summit.

The disc at the top of Grinshill shows the names of the hills you can see.

At the top are a trig point and a geodisc.

There’s also a cliff with amazing views. Watch your kids here though!!!

View from the Grinshill Cliff edge. Keep hold of kids!

That big rain cloud behind us soon poured down on us after this photo was taken ;-)

Follow the path back down the hill, forking to left when you get towards the bottom.

You will come out by the school at Clive.

This is like stepping back in time. There’s no busy school car park here. Instead, the school is reached by a rock-cut path. Not something you would expect in 2020’s Britain.

Follow the rock-cut path downhill to the main village of Clive, where you’ll reach the rather large Clive church.

If you wanted to detour to the pub or get ice cream, here’s a good place to do it.

The Church at Clive

Walk around the church back into the woods. This is an impressive church for such a small village. It certainly made use of the local stone.

To continue the walk, carry on down the hill past the church, then immediately left and back up into the woods.

Here you carry on along more rock-cut and sandy paths around the base of the hill.

Keep an eye up at the hill. You’ll soon notice the cliff edge you visited earlier, but this time looking up at it.

We also detoured to have a look at one of the old quarries at the foot of the hill.

There are plenty of quarries around the Grinshill. Don’t let your kids climb on these as there are some falling stones.

Continue on the main path past the quarry. You’ll walk past the old stone Clive hall.

Soon, you’ll see a path back into the woods with this information board.

Corbet Wood and Grinshill

It’s worth reading about the place before setting off on your walk.

Follow the path up the hill. It can get steep in places but take your time and you’ll soon be back at the top.

The route on the leaflet we were following had this path veering off to the right. We didn’t spot that trail and ended back on the original path at the top. Either route you take, you will return back to the car park where you started.

Things to Note

Obviously take care of the cliff edges.

There are also plenty of rocky paths, which will be slippy when wet or icy.

Shropshire Council says the route is OK with all-terrain pushchairs. We’d have to disagree with that due to some places along the path has tree roots exposed and some rock-cut steps on steep sections that would make it difficult even for an all-terrain pushchair.

Young kids will need plenty of encouragement or help up the steeper sections. Fortunately, these are generally only in two places: up to the summit and the return at the end.

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