A walk up Caer Caradoc - The 'Back Way'

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This is a walk-up Caer Caradoc hill, up to the ancient hill fort that overlooks the Church Stretton Valley and the Long Mynd hills.
However, instead of starting the walk on the Church Stretton side of the hill, this route starts at Willstone on the western side of the hill.

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On a sunny spring day, in March 2020 during the COVID-19 virus social isolation, we got out for some much needed fresh air after a long week inside at home.

There is a small parking area at the village Willstone, which is just up the lane from Cardington. As you drive through Cardington, you’ll see a sign to Caer Caradoc Hill.

A view of hills in sunshine

This is the view from Willstone but it’s not Caradoc! Don’t follow the footpath signs. Instead, follow the lane up the hill.

If it’s a good day, expect to find it hard to find a parking space. However, if your car is up to it, drive up the lane a little way further, and there’s another small parking area.

Parking Area

This is the small parking area up the lane from Willstone. This lane may not be drivable for all cars.

Walking up a country lane

Follow the lane up the hill

View of Caer Caradoc

As you follow the lane, Caer Caradoc hill comes into view. You can see the path on the side of the hill that you’ll walk up.

Continue walking up the lane and you’ll reach a gate with some info about Caer Caradoc.

A gate

Go through the gate.

Info on Caer Caradoc

You then walk further and you’ll find styles on your right. Don’t go over the first styles you see. Carry on a little further and you’ll see the track in the field, which follows up the side of Caer Caradoc.

Track up the hill

Look for a track like this in the field

Track in a field

Keep following the track up. You’ll go through a kissing gate, and then take the trackway up the hill.

To me, this looks like an ancient cartway that led up to the hill fort.

It’s not a long walk, but it does get steep.

Path up the hill

Keep following the path all the way to the ancient hill fort.

Be prepared for wind at the top of the hill, and the weather can change on you.

Look at the view

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