Photo of Watermouth Castle

Watermouth Castle, Devon

 Devon, England.

A good day out. Rides aimed at younger kids.

Our Review

Watermouth Castle in North Devon is not your usual historic castle visit.

After entering, you progress through displays of old toys and a popular model railway, where kids can press buttons to make some of the trains move.

As you enter the castle, you visit the dungeons (if you wish to skip these, you can exit at that point).  There are a few frights in store and an interesting maze.

After the dungeon, you come out into their selection of old slot machines.  You can get old two-penny pieces to play.

Considering how we are all used to electronic wizardry these days, it is amazing at the ingenuity of some old clockwork slot machines.

Garden and Kids Rides

Once outside, there are extensive gardens and activities for the kids... though the rides here are strictly for the smaller children. (Note: children's entrance prices are up to 13).

Rides and things to do in the garden include:

  • A maze
  • A tilting house (really good fun)
  • Slide (a very big one)
  • A boat ride
  • Merry-go-rounds (aeroplanes, tea cups, etc.)
  • A snail ride (yes, that's right)
  • And lots of other things to find and play

If you don't bring a picnic, you'll find a few places to get something to eat at the castle or within the gardens.

Do also check out the Water Show.  This is quite impressive and, unusual these days, very patriotic (a lovely tribute to the 617 Squadron if you can spot the plane).

It's a place we spent a lot longer than expected at.  A good day out with the kids.

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Watermouth Castle, Devon
EX34 9SL

Longitude: -4.069639
Latitude: 51.213157

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