The Needles Landmark Attraction

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The colourful rocks of Alum Bay
Chairlift at the Needles

The Needles is a famous landmark of the Isle of Wight and a distinctive edge of the western end of the island.
The Needles Landmark Attraction has a number of activities for the kids, such as crazy golf, or watching the glass blowing. However, it’s the chair lift that goes down to the beach, with stunning views of the Needles as you go over the edge of the cliff.

Our Review

We visited the Needles attraction on a very warm bank holiday weekend. This is a very popular place to visit, and so we queued for nearly an hour to get in. It was one car in; one car out at the carpark, so if you are visiting during the peak holiday season, make sure you arrive early.

When you get to the attraction, you can either pay for things individually or pay for a book of tickets, known as ‘super saver’ tickets, which works out cheaper if you want to do several different things.

We, of course, took the chairlift down to the beach. It just had to be done ?

However, if you don’t want to ride the chairlift, there are steps that go up and down the beach.

Chairlift at the Needles

Riding the chairlift down to the beach

When we got down the beach, we took a Needles Pleasure Cruise (on the speedboat!). Well worth doing, but again, when it’s busy, be prepared to queue.

As you descend in the chairlift, take in the colourful cliffs. There’s lots of different stone and sands on the Isle of Wight. Just around the bay, where we went surfing, there was black sand, even though all the rocks were white.

The colourful rocks of Alum Bay

The colourful rocks of Alum Bay

Back at the attraction, one of the unique souvenirs that are popular with kids is filling a glass or plastic container with layers of different colour sands. You buy the container you want, then fill it up carefully.

You can make your own layered sand souvenirs.

Planning your visit
Pushchair Friendly
Play Park

There is a charge for parking.

Typical cost for a family
£9.00 - £30.00
How to get here

Here’s where you can find The Needles Landmark Attraction.


Parking charges apply between March and October.

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