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King Arthur's Labyrinth

 Gwynedd, Wales.

A mystical underground adventure in Wales.


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Our Review

If you're in Wales, near Machynlleth or Dolgellau, then King Arthur's Labyrinth is an interesting experience.  Not a whole day out with the kids, but something different...though little ones might find it too scary.

The attraction is built into an old mine (hard hats are supplied).  Your journey starts by boat underground, through a waterfall, and into the resting place of King Arthur.

King Arthur in Wales?

Yes.  Most English have been raised to believe the legend centres around the West Country, with places like Tintagel and Glastonbury.  The story has been changed over the years with a heavy European (read French Norman) influence, as after 1066, much of the English aristocracy was French.

However, dig deeper into the folk stories of Old, and Arthur, and critical aspects of the legend, appear in Welsh Folk Lore.  Many place names in Wales have some relation to the story.

How true is the legend?

There's no concrete historical or archaeological evidence to say he existed, but there are references in various texts.  These may be folk stories that were passed down through the generations.  Viral marketing through the ages.

This BBC page pulls together some facts.

What about Merlin?

It appears that Merlin is another fictional creation, though inspiration may have been pulled from real people (they weren't wizards).   However, here we have yet another Welsh connection.  The name Merlin is derived from the Welsh Myrddin.

Whatever you think, King Arthur's Labyrinth makes an interesting stop in Wales.



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