Clun Castle

Clun Castle

Clun Castle

 Shropshire, England.
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The ancient village of Clun is in the deep rural heart of England, just by the border with Wales.

This is the place for lazy summer afternoon picnics.

If you are staying nearby, or it's only a slight detour on a journey to somewhere else, then it's well worth a visit.


The village of Clun is as old (or older) than the 9th-century castle that overlooks it.  It still has a very old (and narrow) bridge at its heart.

During summer, the river is shallow enough to find many children paddling while parents sit in the sun from the grassy banks.

Right next to the bridge is the castle car park, which also has some public loos and resident ducks.

Clun Castle

Picnic at Clun Castle

You cross the river via a footbridge from the car park to get to the castle.

If cows aren't grazing, the meadow provides an excellent place for a picnic.

Clun Castle

The castle is now just a ruin, but considering how old it is, that's not all that surprising.

You climb up a series of ramparts and hills to get to the castle.  The English Heritage information board part way up (near the bowling green) provides a very good description of what all these layers were.

Originally a Normal Motte and Bailey castle, it would have been very impressive in its time, with several levels and gatehouses. However, the large impressive keep was a later addition and more of a house than a true fortified castle.

Anyone studying Motte and Bailey castles at school would find it a visit useful.

The castle keep

This isn't an action-packed day out.  This isn't an expensive attraction either (admission = free).

However, it's a great place for a picnic, for the kids to explore, paddle in the stream, get ice cream, and see something special from the past.


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Clun Castle

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