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Exploring old Annecy
An Annecy waterway
The waterways remind us of Venice
The old river fort at Annecy

The old part of Annecy is right on the shores of the famous Lake Annecy in France. It’s a great place to wander and explore the old streets and many cafes.
There’s also a large park and plenty of pedalos for hire, as well as boat trips across the lake.

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We visited the old town of Annecy while staying at Camping La Ravoire, which is further down along the shores of Lake Annecy.

There is a cycle path, Tour du Lac, that runs from the campsite right into Annecy, and so we cycled to the town, though there are also boat trips that take you across the lake to Annecy.

Our first glimpse of Annecy was in our hire car as we drove to the campsite. We only touched the outskirts of Annecy while driving, and it was no different from any other large town or city, which is not surprising as this is the main town for the Lake Annecy region. So when we arrived by bike, right in the heart of the old town, it was a welcome sight to see the character of the old city.

The old part of Annecy

Annecy – the Venice of the Alps

The old buildings look French or Alpine, yet with the river and cafes to the side, reminds us of Venice.

The old river fort at Annecy

This photo is of an old fort and prison that stands in the river at Annecy, with water flowing all around it.

There are plenty of narrow passages to explore in this old part of town…but not this one perhaps!

The old town at Annecy is full of places to eat.

The waterways remind us of Venice

The old town of Annecy does have a ‘Venice’ feeling to it.

You could spend a good while walking around the old town, exploring the cafes and shops, through alleyways and side streets.

We did find the cafes and restaurants a little pricey to feed a family, especially for a prime riverside spot. It’s quite an experience though, so if you plan ahead, you might budget this as a day out.

Instead, we practised our French in a local boulangerie and bought some food to eat in a quiet square.

On the edges of the old town, towards the centre of Annecy, are more modern shopping centres. We saw quite a lot of outdoor shops in this part of the town, with both big brands like The North Face and smaller more specialist shops for different types of outdoor activities. Annecy area is quite the place for outdoor activities!

If you head back towards the lake, there is a large park, with a huge grassy area that is popular with families having picnics when we visited. There are plenty of Ice Cream stands and parlours too.

On the shoreline, there are plenty of places to hire a pedalo if you want to get on the water under your own steam!

Pedalo hire

There are plenty of places to hire pedalos.

Alternatively, there are plenty of boat trips available, from smaller boats to larger ferries.

An Annecy waterway

One of the many waterways into the town of Annecy

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Here’s where you can find Annecy Old Town.

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