Kayak King

Kayak King

 Pembrokeshire, Wales.

FAMILY KAYAKING HOLIDAYS in PEMBROKESHIRE Tailored to the needs of families our kayak tours take you on a journey along the coastal national park in Wales. We teach your family all you need to have fun on the Pembrokeshire coast. Starting with an explanation of how to use the adventure equipment we quickly progress onto enjoying the coastline.

KAYAKING CAN BE ENJOYED BY EVERYONE, YOUNG AND OLD ALIKE. Modern and stable sit on top sea kayaks allow you to share the experience with the kids as they play in amongst the boulder gardens, rocky channels and explore the depths of caves. Stay dry or get wet! It’s up to you. We tailor all tours to your family’s needs and aspirations. Spending time as a family while kayaking on holiday, surrounded by the calming atmosphere and beauty of the Pembrokeshire coast. Is an experience not to be missed!

ENJOY THE VIEWS AND MARINE LIFE. Our kayak guides, with years of experience, are well acquainted with the Pembrokeshire marine life and the local history of the Fishguard coast; knowledge which they are eager to share with you. Atlantic Grey Seals often enjoy watching and following our kayaks, but when the seals are not present our guides will help you spot the less obvious limpets, barnacles, spider crabs and anemones in the shallows. It is our experience that people can be just as fascinated exploring for crabs under rocks as they can be with a group of seals swimming around our kayaks.

WE HAVE AMAZING REVIEWS! So why wait? Book your tour now!


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Our Review

We went out with the Kayak King in May 2014, and what a fantastic adventure!

The coastline of Pembrokeshire is fantastic, and getting out on a kayak to see it up close is a great way to explore it.

You get to go places that are only accessible from the water and see wildlife a lot of 'land only' visitors never see.

What you do and don't need to bring

Everything was provided by the Kayak King: kayaks, buoyancy aids, wetsuits. All you had to do bring is swimwear, a towel, and a pair of old trainers.

(You do have to be prepared to get dry and changed in your car or the car park.)

The Kayaks

The kayaks are the sit-on-top type of kayak, and so there's no need to worry about people getting 'trapped' if the kayak tips over, but tipping over in these is not something to really worry about, as they're nice and stable, and perfect for families.

The Kayak King has single and double kayaks. The double kayaks are great if you have kids.

You don't need to be experienced

You don't have to be experienced paddlers either, as this is a great way to get onto the water even if you've never done it before. The Kayak King provides all the training you'll need.

We set off from the old town of Fishguard in Pembrokeshire, with a gentle start paddling around the old harbour.

History and Nature

The Kayak King explains the history of the area with lots of interesting facts, as well as pointing out the different wildlife that can be found here, including rare sea birds, and you may even get to see a seal.

August and early September is the best time to see seals and seal pups.

Rocks, Caves, and Archways

Conditions were good when we headed out around the coastline, even if the waters weren't as clear as usual.

You pass rocks, cliffs, go into caves, find hidden beaches, and even pass through an arch called 'The Needle'.

Navigating through the rocks was quite an experience.

We returned back to the harbour with the returning tide, having a little fun on the way.

GOWTK Rating

This is a fantastic way to see Pembrokeshire and get on the water and highly recommended by us.


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Kayak King
Quay street, Lower Town, Fishguard
Lower Town
SA65 9NB

Longitude: -4.969338
Latitude: 51.996921

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