When will campsites be open?

February 26, 2021

With the governments across the UK announcing the gradual lifting of lockdowns, when are campsites opening?

Well, like everything with this COVID-19 lockdown, there isn’t a clear answer, and it depends on the campsite and which country it is in.

The Camping and Caravanning Club has a good article on their website when their club sites open, reflecting the lockdown lifting across the UK.

At present, all campsites are closed.

Self-contained units will be allowed at campsites before the shared facilities will be open. This means you’ll need to bring your own toilet and washing facilities. Not a problem for those of us with a caravan or motorhome, but you’ll need to bring your own toilet if you are tent camping. Read our article on camping without the washing facilities.

All dates below are subject to change, of course.

England Campsites Opening

From April 12th, campsites may allow self-contained units. You will need to check with the campsite. (Club sites will accept tents/caravans/motorhomes with their own toilets)

From May 17th, campsites may open their shared facilities.

Wales Campsites Opening

Possibly as soon as 1st April, but may be self-contained only.

More details should be available from the Welsh Assembly soon.

Scotland Campsites Opening

Possibly 26th April, and likely to be self-contained units only.

More details soon from the Scottish government.

Northern Ireland Campsites Opening

Sometime after 1st April, but likely to be self-contained units only. Hopefully the Northern Ireland Government will make an announcement soon.

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