New Year Pledges for 2018

What do you pledge to do in 2018?

What do you pledge you’ll do in 2018? More time with the kids? More outdoor activities? Make your pledge below.

2018 Pledges
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Did you make pledges in 2017? If so, you can find them by clicking here. How did you do? Leave a comment below on your progress.

Pledges made for 2018

For 2018, Wildgoose family from Burton on Trent pledges to:

To try tent camping – have regular family cycling days out – spend more time at the allotment (and walk or cycle there!)

For 2018, Jane H from Leeds pledges to:

To do something wild at least once a week, be it doing something for the wildlife in the garden or going on an adventure further afield.

To keep a blog as record of all that we do so I can share it with our boy when he is older.

For 2018, Glyn Dodwell from Hants pledges to:

To walk the equivalent distance of the Nile from the confluence of the White Nile and the Blue Nile, at Al Mogran near Khartoum, to the Mediterranean Sea in 12 months. Starting 1 January 2018 and ending on the 31 December 2018, covering a distance of 1630 miles (2623 km) or 136 miles per month.

To spread the #GetOutside message to a wider and greater audience

For 2018, Tony Denton from Cheshire pledges to:

Get out more often and camp more

For 2018, Ødegaard family from Stavanger, Norway pledges to:

More camping trips, hiking and biking and mum and the boys can learn to ski.

For 2018, Cher from Rochester Kent pledges to:

To take the girls out more to the park and woods. Take the dogs with us.

For 2018, Illien Family from Galway, Ireland pledges to:

We pledge to get out on an adventure once a week. Walk, cycle, fishing, swimming, camping. Whatever time and weather permits.

For 2018, The Webb Family from Derbyshire pledges to:

1) Summer of 100 miles. Cover 100 miles over summer on foot/bike/scooters.

2) Head to London to camp for a week, visiting all the big museums.

3) Go wild swimming.

4) Camp for another few weeks throughout the year.

5) Book onto the 3 Peaks Challenge and complete towards the end of the year.

6) Visit at least one new place in the Peak District every month.

7) Find a new favourite quarry for fossil hunting as our old favourite was closed for building flats.

8) Visit Saltwick Bay to go fossil hunting.

9) Progress on our vegetable garden.

10) Plant 3 new flower beds around our garden.

11) RSPB Wild Challenge.

12) Invest in a National Trust membership.

For 2018, Laura from WR11 pledges to:

Ensure kids get outside more regularly. Especially in the warmer months but in winter definitely at weekends.

For 2018, Beverley Nunnally from Virginia, USA pledges to:

To do more outdoor volunteer work, kayak, camp and hike more.

Grayston Family Shropshire, England

For 2018, Shell Grayston from Shropshire pledges to:

Discover some new local walks and go wild camping.

Grayston Family Shropshire, England

For 2018, Gav Grayston from Shropshire, UK pledges to:

Continue to get outdoors when I can, both with the family, adventures with each of our kids individually and for myself too!

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Father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.

  1. I did manage to get out and do more hiking unfortunately I wasn’t able to go camping this year. I took the dogs on more walks in the woods and did a lot of volunteer work in the local parks with the Master Naturalists, the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and James River Association.

  2. Well, we have been out plenty and even stayed at a campsite in February. Though, unlike last year, where we camped in a little tent, this year we had a heated caravan 😉

  3. The year has not started off as well as hoped due to extended ill health following flu over Christmas. Also trying to squeeze in a house move at the same time. However, I have started to make steady progress though a little behind the target.

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