My First Victorinox Animal Edition – Hit or Miss?

October 25, 2020

Victorinox has just released a new children’s pocket knife: The My First Victorinox Animal Edition.

The new Animal Edition pocket knife for kids
The new Animal Edition children’s pocket knife from Victorinox

We think the My First Victorinox is a great first pocket knife. It’s not overcomplicated and the rounded blade helps prevent accidents.

A close-up view of the My First Pocket Knife
The rounded blade helps reduce accidents.

However, for very young kids, they should always be supervised, and even then, expect a few cuts.

Your child might be Scouts age before they can use it unsupervised, and even then, the Scouts have rules for pocket knives.

This set also comes with a neck lanyard and a colouring book.

My First Victorinox Lanyard
The Animal Set neck lanyard to match the knife
My First Victorinox colouring book

As well as jungle animals, there’s also a dolphin and rabbit set.

My First Victorinox Rabbit
My First Victorinox Dolphin Set

The colouring book and graphics would not appeal to Scout’s age kids. Victorinox is appealing to a much younger audience. Perhaps, a very young audience.

Plus, the photo at the top with the whittling is misleading, as you cannot make those with the My First Victorinox set as you don’t have a smaller blade with a point to make the eyes and mouth.

I may have that wrong. See comment from Josh below on how to make the eyes and mouth using this blade.

As I said before, we think the My First Victorinox is an excellent kid’s pocket knife, but have they missed the mark on this?

What are your thoughts?

Do you like or dislike these pocket knives? Leave your comments below.

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  1. The eyes and mouth in the photo are created by cutting small wedges/notches out, which can easily be accomplished with the edge of this blade – no blade point necessary 🙂

  2. Looks fun, but a fixed/locking blade might be a safer option for a first knife? Sam had a Brusletto Balder as a nipper and never had issues, can’t say the same for myself starting off with small folders!

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