Getting Active Outdoors: Are you more active than your kids?

June 13, 2020

Another issue of Getting Active Outdoors, the free online magazine, is out with inspiration for getting your family outside during the autumn and winter months.

Getting Active Outdoor magazine cover
The Autumn/Winter 2019 edition of Getting Active Outdoors magazine. Tap here to read it.

How active are your kids?

This month’s magazine contains an interesting research that states 77% of parents exercise more than their children.

77% of parents exercise more than their children

Getting Active Outdoors Magazine, Autumn/Winter 2019

The research was from a poll run by Decathlon and it’s a rather disturbing result.

My first thought was that I suspect that would be different with Get Out With The Kids readers. But upon reflection, I think Shell and I exercise more than our kids!

Shell is into running at the moment, and is a member of two running clubs and has signed us up for lots of races. (We are both running the Shrewsbury Half Marathon next weekend, and then the Oswestry 10K after that!)

So, despite us getting the kids out, and despite the kids doing PE and other clubs, the time we must put into running so that we can make it around a half marathon is more than the kids do.

Fortunately, our kids are fit and healthy. But it’s easy to see how parents can get more exercise than their kids, even if their job involves sitting down all day.

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