When the Countryside goes Backwards

December 14, 2014

There’s no need for this…

Backwards. Simply Backwards.

So I was visiting beautiful Northumberland. Just a quick visit whist passing through, and didn’t have the kids, which was very fortunate as I came across this.

What are they? They’re moles hanging on the fence with the barbed wire through their mouth & nose.

And I only took a photo of one fence panel. There was another one just like it.

Why are dead moles hanging on a fence?

Apparently it’s tradition.

Mole catchers would display their catch by leaving them out on a fence for the farmer to see, and as I was also informed on Facebook, it also signifies to other mole catchers that someone is already working that patch.


Some traditions aren’t worth keeping

So I’m going to pin my colours to the mast on this one: there’s no need for it any more.

We want a new generation of kids to appreciate the countryside and the environment, and as us humans have learnt to realise, the environment doesn’t work without the creatures that live in it.

Children need to respect the environment, both landscape and creatures.

That’s why I’m glad I didn’t have the kids when I came across this.

It’s not a debate about hunting

Now I’m not talking about the rights and wrongs of hunting or ‘culling’, and there’s nothing to suggest that the moles weren’t all killed ‘humanely’. However, leaving all the dead bodies out to display on barbed wire is a bit too medieval.

take a picture of your catch and e-mail it to the farmer

Some traditions are worth keeping; others are not.

If you’re a mole catcher, take a picture of your catch and e-mail it to the farmer.

…and finally…

This wasn’t some pristine golf course that wanted to get rid of mole hills on the fairway. No, this was on some pretty rough terrain with rocks, marshy areas, and ditches.

I couldn’t understand what particular damage moles were doing in this pretty wild environment, nor what possible impact there will be to the ecosystem taking by out that many creatures in one go.

…Rant Over 😉

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