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February 17, 2018


To celebrate National Nest Box Week (14th – 21st February), we’ve teamed up with Kennedy Wild Bird Foods for this giveaway of a fab bird box.

Simply enter your details in the form below for a chance to win. Complete the additional questions and activities to increase your chances in the prize draw.

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Getting Involved with National Nest Box Week

It’s the time of year when our feathered friends start looking for nesting sites. Sadly, the available places to nest is declining.

Get your kids involved with doing their own bit of local conservation, by putting up a nest box in your back garden.

Here are some tips from the BTO:

  • Place your bird box around 3m off the ground. Small bird boxes can be 1-3m.
  • You don’t need a tree. You can put your bird box on a wall of your house or shed.
  • Don’t place it near other bird boxes. Birds need their space too!
  • Don’t place it near bird feeders. Would you want to live next to the busiest restaurant in town?!
  • Make it hard to reach by predators. Yep, keep kitty away. Squirrels too. If you have a problem with squirrels you can get a metal ring to protect the bird box entrance.

We’ve had a nest box in regular use each year in our garden. But remember to set expectations with your child. Sometimes yor new bird box is used soon after it goes up, and other times it could lay empty for years, even if you have that perfect location.

Homemade Bird Feeder HangingYou could also try making this simple Bird Feeder with your kids by recycling materials from your kitchen.

Remember to always use good quality bird food if you want to attract our feathered friends into your garden. Birds can be fussy eaters!

And if you do spot some new birds in your garden, you can always log them on this handy free app.

Bird Spotter App


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  1. Fab things to make to help wildlife and get the kids outside

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