All By Water: Doing Adventures for Charity – this one is personal

May 18, 2013

All By Water - Around Wales by water for charity

People do lots of things for charity, from shaving their hair off to running a marathon.

Some people also undertake epic treks or take on challenging and even dangerous endeavors.

Well one of those people who is doing something challenging and dangerous is my father.

He has decided to travel around Wales in a very small rigid inflatable boat.

Wales, an Island?

Now if you’re not up on your geography, Wales is not an island.

So he is going to do this by traveling down the River Severn, out into the Bristol Channel, and the around the Welsh coastline in the Irish Sea, then back in via Chester and down the canals, connecting back up with the River Severn.

This is quite a journey, especially doing it single-handed…. Plus he is in his seventies.

Dangers and Difficulties

The Welsh coastline is particularly dangerous, with many rocks, strong currents, strong tides, strong winds, and changeable weather.

This is quite worrying in such a small boat, but he can’t use a bigger boat as it would not fit down the canals and rivers.

Little Sleep and Little to Eat

There’s not many places to stop either, so he will be sleeping aboard the small boat.

He has so much fuel aboard the little boat that he can’t take a stove to warm food either…and it’s very cold out there.

We helped him out with a warm sleeping bag and some self heating meals, but it will be tough doing this day after day.

Why’s he doing it?

A few years ago his wife, and my step mum, got cancer. She died in a very short space of time. In her last difficult few days she received excellent care from the hospice.

For anyone and their families in this situation, the hospices give a vital service at a very difficult time.

So, as his wife requested right before she died, he is trying to raise money for them.

All By Water

The project, called All By Water, sets off in just a few days time.

If you can, please sponsor his crazy adventure around Wales all by water.

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Go Dad!

More details can be found on the All By Water website.

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