New Year Pledges for 2017

December 13, 2016

What do you pledge to do in 2017?


What do you pledge you’ll do in 2017? More time with the kids? More outdoor activities? Make your pledge below.

2017 Pledges
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What outdoor activities do you pledge to do more of as a family in 2017? You can add more than one pledge in this box.

For 2017, Tracy from Lincoln pledges to:

To walk up Mam Tor in The Peak District.

For 2017, Sarah from Bristol pledges to:

More walking, hiking, cycling and possibly camping (bit of a phobia)

Grayston Family
Shropshire, England

For 2017, Shell from Shropshire pledges to:

To spend more time doing outdoor adventures.

For 2017, Steph from Kent pledges to:

More regular outdoor adventures, Mountain biking as a family, Stay in a youth hostel as part of a walk, try wild camping

For 2017, Chantal lariviere from Ottawa Canada pledges to:

Everyday playoutside even when it is very cold

For 2017, Sarah from Cotswolds pledges to:

Get the kids outside every day
Have local family adventure days
Camp more


Sailing Skippers

For 2017, gareth_alexander from Edinburgh pledges to:

To get out more and to get healthier.

Nice and simple, quite vague, so that its harder to break, a year end review will probably be needed to see how I’ve done.

For 2017, The Hill-Lees from Herefordshire pledges to:

To get out into the hills at once a week

For 2017, Gav Grayston from Shropshire UK pledges to:

Get out more regularly at the weekends.
Have some more one-on-one adventures with each of the kids.
Try some more wild camping.

For 2017, The Halls pledges to:

To get out more as a family, to ensure my daughter has a fit and healthy lifestyle, and enjoys being outdoors. We will do this by walking more and getting out on our bikes.

For 2017, Beverley Nunnally from Virginia, USA pledges to:

Hike, kayak, camp, walk the dogs, more volunteer work in the local park

For 2017, Charlie from Lancashire pledges to:

To make time walk up 52 peaks in 52 weeks.

For 2017, CE2C from France pledges to:

Echange, Travail, Rencontre

For 2017, Subhan from Indonesia pledges to:

Get closer with my children and improve my skills in web design and English.

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Father to 3 kids, who loves getting out and about (hiking, running, camping, cycling, canoeing...) Co-founded Get Out With The Kids to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family.

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  1. Hi Gav, my New Years pledge is to find a porch or awning for my Hi gear Tourer tent!! It’s 230high and 426wide and I’m totally flummoxed as to which porch to get. I would like one that closes as the original tent has an open porch already and my cooking stuff gets wet on occasion!!! Can you please advise? I’ve been looking in your site but the Kalahari doesn’t seem to have a groundsheet or a good write up!!!

    • Hi Di,

      Well, yes, the Hi Gear Kalahari does appear to be the most obvious dimension fit. An alternative is to look at the Vango Exceed Tall awning. It’s slightly smaller than the 230 cm height, but since it is a side awning, you shouldn’t have much of a problem with that.
      The 2017 season awnings and shelters will be coming into shops over the next couple of months, and so there might be a better option then.

  2. […] It can help keep you accountable for actually doing it if everyone knows what you are trying to achieve.  Click here to set your pledges for 2017. […]

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