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New website launched!

New Website!!

Posted by Gav Grayston.
First Published Jun 2023; updated Jul 2023.

Welcome to the new version of Get Out With The Kids!

Busy, busy, busy

We've not been posting much until recently.

That's because we've been really busy. Really busy.

And one of the things that has taken time is this new version of the website.

Why the Change?

At first, you might not notice much, but a lot has changed behind the scenes.

We started this website way back in 2011. Since then, it's gone through several iterations.

Unfortunately, paying for various website hosting fees costs us hundreds and hundreds of pounds each month.

Thanks to the kind generosity of our members and the little bit of advertising we do, we manage to cover the costs most months (but not all).

Costs keep going up, though. And the website was getting slower and slower as it grew.

So, over the last ten months, we've been working away on a new website version using the latest internet technologies.


We've tried to keep things familiar. However, you should notice the website faster and with better images.

The product price searches now include more shops to help you find a good deal.

Price Search

The price search now includes more shops to help find you a better detail.

Still work in progress

A few things are outstanding.

You can't log in at the moment, and a new version of the Adventure Planner is in the works.

If you notice any problems, please let us know