• This walk takes you from the wooded car park of Corbett Wood and up to the summit of Grinshill.
    After reaching the top and taking in the views, you carry on around the hill, and eventually return to the car park […]

  • For years we’ve used this large plastic water carrier.

    It holds 10 litres of water, is very rugged, and has been to a great many campsites.

    There’s one problem: it’s quite bulky to take.
    Trying the new […]

  • Come to our free visitor centre on the edge of Fairhaven Lake. It’s the gateway to the north side of the Ribble Estuary – the third most important estuary in the UK – which attracts over 250,000 birds each year. […]

  • It’s not just shops at the Trafford Centre. You can find sea life there too at the SeaLife centre.

  • I first saw this new Outwell Canella Supreme Sleeping Bag at Outwell’s 2020 launch event.

    What really struck me about this sleeping bag, was that despite it being rated for three seasons (that is, OK to use […]

  • Gav Grayston posted a new activity comment 3 weeks, 3 days ago

    Hi Amanda and welcome 🙂 We love camping in Wales too.

  • The Vango Helvellyn 300 is the same layout as the older Vango Mirage 300 we’ve been using.

    It comes with a handy two-door porch, complete with optional groundsheet. We found this makes a great space to store […]

  • Gav Grayston posted an update in the group Group logo of CampingCamping 1 month ago

    Anyone camped out at home this Bank Holiday? If you did, remember to share your photos here for a chance to win a new tent and a year’s membership to the camping and caravanning club. https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/news/home-campsite-photo-contest/

  • Gav Grayston posted a new activity comment 1 month ago

    Thanks for joining Claire

  • One of the great things many of us like about camping is the social aspect.

    Without the usual distractions (TVs, Xboxes, etc.), there is more of an opportunity to sit around and chat. That might be with […]

  • leeping bags are designed to work within a temperature range. If you get too hot, you can unzip the sleeping bag a lttile. Too cold, and you fastening it up tighter. And that’s about as much as you can adjust it, […]

  • First Test Pitch of the Robens Pioneer 3EX

    Last year, my youngest and I attempted a little bit of backpacking camping, which was fun. We want to do more of that, and especially bikepacking, so we have […]

  • We came here last year with our two children. There were lots of lovely fish and the tunnel we went through with all the sharks in was fantastic, but having two small children I would’ve liked it if there were m […]

  • A bedside table may sound an extravagant use of space in your tent, but if you’ve set-up a bedroom with camp beds for your camping holiday, such storage may prove very useful. And fortunately, the Outwell Barmouth […]

  • If you are taking away the kids for a long camp break, storage is key to help prevent your tent descend into a scene of chaos.

    Unfortunately, tent furniture can sometimes take up too much space in the […]

  • Gav Grayston posted a new activity comment 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Welcome! I think you might be the first member from the Falkland Islands 🙂

  • We’ve reviewed the 7.5 cm Outwell Dreamboat before, as well as the much older double Outwell Dreamboat we bought many years ago.
    The Outwell Dreamboat has always been an extremely comfortable self-inflating mat. […]

  • Camp-beds can be a bit of a luxury item. If you have one set-up in your tent, camping can feel very different, and they can give you a better night’s sleep as you are raised up and away from the cold […]

  • Inflatable air beds have been around for years. At one time, this was mainly what we used, though, in more recent years, we’ve been preferring self-inflating mats, like the Outwell Dreamboat or Deepsleep.

    So […]

  • What is a SheltaPod?
    SheltaPod is an interesting concept.

    You can use it as a tent. You can use it as a drive-away awning. You can use it as a rain or sun shelter.

    But don’t think SheltaPod is just […]

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