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    • Hello from Southport, North West England.
      Paul and I have a 2.5 year old son, and we like to get out alot, on various adventures. Paul owns West Coast off Road Centre, so adventure bike and 4×4 expeditions are not a hobby more a lifestyle choice. I have been partial to Canoe and Walking expeditions before our adventure to pro-create. Camping is our go-to happy place, the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Peak District is so accessible for us, we often head out Saturday afternoon and return Sunday evening. Making plans dependant on the weather.
      I am here to see your adventures, recommendations and share what we do too if you’re keen to see. Vincent is a keen mud finder, pine cone collector and secret cave explorer, and recently enjoys listening to stories of King Arthur and the folk lore that Excalibur is still hidden in the Snowdonia Mountain range. He is especially keen to find the ‘mouse hole’ at the moment too…

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