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    Hi everyone. I camped a lot when I was a kid, with scouts, school and camping trips with friends, but that was a heck of a long time ago. 2 years ago to my utter astonishment my wife suggested we try camping with out 2 kids, so I bought a cheap tent and we went on a trial trip for 2 days/3 nights. We were hooked straight away and by the end of the summer we’d done 2 more 4 day trips and bought an Outwell Montana 6 SA, so it was from one extreme to another. Last summer we did another 2 trips and we’ll probably get a couple in over this summer although we also have a big trip to the US (not camping) so opportunities will be a little limited this year.

    I’ve been considering getting a smaller tent for quick weekend trips (as packing the Montana is quite a skill and it tales a lot of room in the car).

    It’s good to join the group and Gav’s reviews are always worthwhile reading and watching.

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