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  • Parents, GOWTK friends, and family adventurers Jen and Sim Benson have just published a brand new book: 100 Great Walks with Kids.

    This book is packed full of walking routes, and filled with Jen and Sim’s […]

  • If you have a couple of kids and want a tent with more space for a family camping holiday, then the Coleman Meadowood 4L BlackOut might be just what you are after.
    Take a Look Around
    Use the 360-degree viewer to […]

  • This tent comes packed full of features without being a massive tent to store, transport, or set-up.

    Let’s take a closer look.
    Look around the Coleman Castle Pines 4 BlackOut tent.
    Use the 3D viewer below to […]

  • Ever wondered what happened to all those plastic bottles your family have been recycling? Well, perhaps, some of them made their way into the Vango Joro Air 600XL, a large inflatable tent that’s ideal for family […]

  • The Coleman WeatherMaster 4 Air has many great features for an excellent family tent, especially if you are looking at getting a tent to use for long weekends and last-minute weekend camps.

    Let’s take a closer […]

  • If you have lots of children, or you go on holiday with grandparents, or you have three older children that all want or need separate bedrooms, then the Outwell Grandville 8SA might be the giant tent that you […]

  • There’s no doubt about it: The Outwell Mountain Lake 5ATC is an expensive tent. But that’s not surprising since the Outwell Mountain Lake 5ATC is a luxury family tent.

    This tent is not for quick camping […]

  • We think Outwell Springwood 5 is ideal for a family of three or four who want a tent to quickly get away for a night or two camping at the weekend.

    We believe smaller tents are ideal for weekend camping, as […]

  • This is a 5-person tent, though we think it’s ideal for two adults with one or two children.
    Tent Layout
    The tent has two bedrooms at the back with a removable divider.

    These are Outwell Ambassador bedrooms, […]

  • At first glance, the Robens Wolf Moon 5XP tent looks like a typical family tent that you might see from Outwell.  However, there are some subtle design differences that make this ideal for those who want to camp […]

  • The Outwell Pinedale 6PA is another excellent large family tent from Outwell that’s ideally suited for those family camping holidays.
    Living Space
    As you approach this tent, you’ll immediately notice the porch […]

  • We looked at the Outwell Parkdale 4PA last year, and this time we’re looking at it’s bigger sibling: the Outwell Parkdale 6PA.

    If you are looking for a family tent with lots of space for a family summer camping […]

  • The ‘Montana’, affectionally called ‘the Monty’ by Outwell owners, has been a popular tent in Outwell’s collection for many years. This year, it’s back in the range and has evolved into the Outwell Montana PE […]

  • If you like the DNA of Robens tents, but want a more traditional family tent, then the Robens Eagle Rock TC 6+2XP tent is one to consider.

    The ‘TC’ stands for technical-cotton. This is the Robens HydroTex […]

  • There are many things I like about the Outwell Oakdale 5PA.  It’s very similar to the 2020 Outwell Hartsdale 4PA we used, but slightly larger and with a few more features, so I know this will be a great family […]

  • For a backpacking or bikepacking tent, you want something small, lightweight, and easy to pitch, with enough room for you and your gear.

    While the Robens Lodge Pro 3 is not the smallest and lightest tent you […]

  • The Grayston Family completed Map Symbol Quiz

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  • The Grayston Family completed Easy Map Symbol Quiz

    Passed with 100%

    The Grayston Family earnt 2 Active Family Points

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  • Mam Tor provides some impressive views over the countryside.
    Despite a steep walk up, it’s an easy summit to get to, with a car park nearby and well marked path.

  • The Grayston Family completed Small Tent

    The Grayston Family earnt 50 Active Family Points

    Rating:  out of 5

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