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    Hi Folks, looking for tent advice please. We’re a family of 4,including our two kids under 8, and we’re planning on visiting some campsites over the summer, and although I’m sure this question must be dreaded by the seasoned forum members but I’m looking for tent recommendations. I was thinking a 6p tunnel tent, nothing too fancy, just something with a bit of space that’s easy to pitch and that will withstand our wonderful weather patterns!

    • Hi Andrew,
      Welcome to the Camping Group!
      We have some 6 person tents we’ve looked at and rated here: https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/product-category/camping-gear/tents/?pa_sleeps=sleeps-6
      Tunnel tents are really easy to pitch, but personally, I like the tents with a front porch as it works really well for the UK weather! Depending on your budget, you can get more or less of a porch. The more space you have, the more room for wet wellies and coats.
      Here’s a Vango Avington 600XL with the sort of porch I mean https://www.getoutwiththekids.co.uk/reviews/vango-avington-600xl/

    • Hi Andrew, I’m in the same position as you – heading camping with a young family for the first time this year. I’ve decided we’re gonna commit to it for a few years of holidays (or else eBay will hopefully bail me out) and hence I didn’t mind spending a bit more on the tent. Went for the Outwell Mayville 6SA – air tent so easy to put up and seemed to be a good layout for our family (3 yr old and 5 yr old). Not cheap – but as I say we’ve kind of committed to trying it for a few years and I want the kids to get a bit more active outdoors time.

      • PS – I can’t make that an actual recommendation yet – it’s only due to arrive at the house today and hopefully (if it fits) try camping in the back garden this weekend.

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