Logged Activity: 12/08/2016 – 12 miles

Hugh Ferguson

Ferguson Family
Surrey, England

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The Ferguson Family

Completed: 12 Aug 2016
Distance: 12 miles
Points: 12

The Ferguson Family logged 12 miles Cycling

Cycled with Noah in the trailer to a pub for lunch from the campsite then repeated to another pub for tea!!

Hugh Ferguson
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Married to Naomi and we have a 2.5 year old son called Noah. We also have one on the way due in January. We are actively trying to embrace a more outdoor-orientated lifestyle and since Noah has come along this has been even more important. He thrives on being outdoors and we all strive for simple fun. I want to try to get away from phones, iPads, TV's etc and ensure we have some quality family time seeing the great outdoors.

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