Craighall Den circular walk, by the Alexander Family


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The Family

Completed: 07 Jan 2017
Distance: 2.5 miles
Points: 8

The Family logged 2.5 miles Hiking

The secret bunker and Craighall Den circular, Ceres

We had to risk assess the Secret Bunker for an upcoming Scout overnight there, so we headed up there early to have a look around. The caretaker was a lovely guy and made the whole sound very exciting. Would love to go back when it was actually open to enjoy the place in full swing, and am now really looking forward to the chance to sleep in the old bunks with the Scouts.

After leaving there, we scouted St Andrews for some more entertainment for the following day of the Scout camp, but then managed to squeeze in a walk while we were out as well.

We’ve been using walkhighlands for a while now to plan our jaunts and think its a brilliant resource to find suitable routes for the kids.

All the details of the walk are here:

A very busy day and in total my wifes new fitbit said we covered 10km in total.

A really foggy day, but good to be out and about again.


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Dad of two boys, one beaver, one cub. A cub leader myself and married to a beautiful woman who tries to fill our boys lives with adventure every day.

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    gareth_alexanderSailing Skippers
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    January 8, 2017 at 5:01 pm

    Hey Gav,

    Yes, that’s the secret bunker, it’s labelled as Scotland’s best kept secret, but judging by the amount of signposts on the way there, they’re not going to be keeping it secret much longer.

    It’s a beautiful part of the world and well worth a visit, if you ever need a destination to get away to.

    Apparently there is another secret bunker, literally across the road from our house in Edinburgh that will be opening in 2019, so that’ll be even easier to get to.

  2. Looks good.
    Is this the secret bunker?
    The sleepover should be great there.

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