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Grayston Family
Shropshire, England

The Grayston Family

Completed: 22 Apr 2017
Distance: 5.5 miles
Points: 17

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The Grayston Family logged 5.5 miles Hiking

A sunny local walk, uncovering a new meadow

It was a glorious April day with clear blue skies forecast for the afternoon, so we decided to go for a hike. Instead of travelling far, we wanted to uncover a local walk that we had not done before.

Using OSMaps I found a premium walk by Country Walks Magazine around Lyth Hill – however, as we found when following the route, it was a little out of date due to closed footpaths. So we have mapped out an updated version (see the link to the route below).

Lyth Hill lies just south of Shrewsbury and overlooks the Long Mynd, with Caer Caradoc being the most prominent feature.

We already knew Lyth Hill and have done some of the route before, but the circular route around farmland was new. Plus, we found another meadow of Lyth Hill, tucked away from the the popular areas, and sat on a seat to have lunch in the sunshine looking at a fantastic view.

Most of the walk was easy to follow using OS Maps, but due to landslips and flooding, some of the route was closed, causing us to double back on ourselves. We also found some paths ploughed out, and there’s no sign that the footpath passes through a farmyard until you are out the other side.

After our other recent walk in Northumberland, we were also a little wary of walking through a field of cows since we had our dog. But fortunately, these Shropshire cows were happy just grazing in the sunshine.

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