The Alexander Family are first to complete the Edinburgh 3 Peaks Hiking Challenge!

Alexander Family
Midlothian, Scotland

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The Alexander Family

Completed: 02 Apr 2017
Distance: 3 miles
Points: 21

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The Alexander Family completed the Edinburgh 3 Peaks Hiking Challenge!

Peak 1

Peak 2

Peak 3

Day 1
Capelaw Hill
Length: 2.38 miles 3.83 km
Ascent: +254m
Naismith: 1h 11m
Our time: 2hr 30mins

We were very lucky with the weather, it sounded like the rest of the country was getting rain but for both days we had a bit of wind and sunshine.

We started in Bonaly country park and it was pretty much straight up from the get go. A good stoney path all the way to the edge of the park and reservoir. Once we left the park gate, we were in MOD territory and the warning signs let us know to leave anything suspicious well alone.

We decided the best route was straight up the side of the hill and so we soldiered on (pun intended). The plateau at the top made finding the actual summit a bit tricky so we wandered around a little and took our summit selfie with the strange tuning fork like post that was up there. We had some great views of Edinburgh and Fife as well as many of the other Pentland hills.

Day 2
Kaimes Hill:
Length: 1.57 miles 2.53 km
Ascent: +101m
Naismith: 0h 40m
Our time: 1hr 30mins

Warklaw Hill
Length: 1.30 miles 2.09 km
Ascent: +106m
Naismith: 0h 36m
Our time: 1hr

Not a great start to our second day. The route we chose to ascend Kaimes Hill took us through a disused landfill site. To say the place was disused was only technically true. It may have been officially disused, but it was quite obvious that someone was still using it as a dump, there was burnt out cars, sofas and junk everywhere. All the trees also seemed to have bits a black bin bags decorating them. We decided that perhaps we should look for a better route up the hill and headed back.
Back at the start we had a look at our hill and decided to see if we could get up the hill from the west side instead instead of our East side ascent.

There were a lot of gorse bushes and barbed wire fences to navigate, but we soon cleared the worst and were in the open at last. The summit was on the top of a narrow ridge, obviously the mining that had taken place had reduced the hill to the sliver of what was left. A quick scramble to the top, to say we we’re there and we quickly headed back down, the sheer drops were making us a bit nervous.

After a quick bit of lunch, we set off for the second peak. We headed up a farm track and past a quarry again for this one, but this one was a far better experience, rather than bin bags we had birds of prey to watch. It looked like there was a nesting pair in the quarry and they took it in turns to come out and scour the countryside for food and so would circle in the wind, swoop and soar overhead for a bit before heading back in to their quarry home.

A quick ramble through a field and we found ourselves at the top, a radio mast and some sheep with lambs for company.

All in it was different than our usual outings, but we were introduced to a new list of hills for bagging, apparently there are 23 TUMPS to bag in Edinburgh and we just did 2 of them.

I have a note to myself, I need to look into raptor identification, no idea what those birds were and I wish I did.

  1. Yeah, I don’t think, we’ll be rushing back to that hill. Although, Dalmahoy Hill, which was right beside it, looked like it might have been an better hill to climb. It would have had the same starting point and had we chosen that one, we probably wouldn’t have been tempted into the landfill site first and the top looked easier to recognise as it looked as though there was a trig point on it, also its sheer cliff edge was only on one side, not on both sides like on Kaimes Hill.

    Our learning points were; its never too late to change route if you don’t like how things are going and there is no point in persevering if the conditions make the walk too unpleasant.

    The views from the other two hills more than made up for it though, and the kids got a kick out of the challenge.

    12:03 pm on April 3, 2017
  2. That’s fantastic 😀
    Looks like Kaimes Hill was the worst of the three.

    9:24 am on April 3, 2017

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