Capelaw Hill Completed by the Alexander Family

December 31, 2020

The Family completed Capelaw Hill

Local 3 Peak Challenge BadgeSummit Badge

Day 1
Capelaw Hill
Length: 2.38 miles 3.83 km
Ascent: +254m
Naismith: 1h 11m
Our time: 2hr 30mins

We were very lucky with the weather, it sounded like the rest of the country was getting rain but for both days we had a bit of wind and sunshine.

We started in Bonaly country park and it was pretty much straight up from the get go. A good stoney path all the way to the edge of the park and reservoir. Once we left the park gate, we were in MOD territory and the warning signs let us know to leave anything suspicious well alone.

We decided the best route was straight up the side of the hill and so we soldiered on (pun intended). The plateau at the top made finding the actual summit a bit tricky so we wandered around a little and took our summit selfie with the strange tuning fork like post that was up there. We had some great views of Edinburgh and Fife as well as many of the other Pentland hills.

 Family completing the Capelaw Hill

The  Family earnt 20 Active Family Points

Rating: 5 out of 5

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gareth_alexander Contributor

Dad of two boys, one beaver, one cub. A cub leader myself and married to a beautiful woman who tries to fill our boys lives with adventure every day.

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