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On this page, we look at which brand of tent is best for family camping.

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Which is the best tent brand for family camping?

This is both an easy and hard question to answer.

We started out with some very cheap tents, and they were absolutely fine. However, I do know of others that bought too cheap and lived to regret it. Some ‘own brand’ tents look like the more expensive ones, but can sometimes be poorly made – but not always. So it’s a risk you take.

The good news to you is that tent quality is improving all the time, and there are a great many good tents out there.

All brands have cheaper starter models as well as ‘premium’ tents.

However, to narrow it down here’s my opinion based on our experience and experience of others I know.

Outwell Tents

outwellI think the market leader for family camping is Outwell.

They’re well known for quality, and they have designed a lot of features into their tents to help improve family camping. You can find a lot of the extras mentioned in this guide in a lot of their tents.

If you can afford a tent from the top of their range, you’ll be getting a fantastic family tent for camping holidays. However, they do require more investment.

You can find cheaper entry level tents in their range, and while there are still some good design features, you’ll get more the higher up the range you go.

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Vango Tents


Vango makes tents for backpackers, Scouts, D of E, and family camping.

For the family tents, they have a similar price range to Outwell, with both cheaper models and more expensive premium tents.

The Vango tents we have used have always been good, though personally, I find a few more family-friendly features on more of the Outwell range of tents, which is why I give Outwell the edge over Vango for family camping, but some might argue there’s not much between it.

Coleman Tents


ColemanWe’ve camped with Coleman for over a decade.

For many years we used the Coleman Coastline 6, which is a basic entry-level tunnel tent. It stood up to a lot of battering and a lot of camping.

More recently we’ve been camping in the Coleman Da Gama 6. This is generations on from the Coastline and has lots of good features, and as well as being much bigger than the old Coastline, was actually quicker to pitch.

Even the Coleman premium tents are much cheaper than either the Outwell or Vango premium tents. Though with the lower price you may find lower quality (but not always).

From our experience, if you can’t afford a decent Outwell or Vango tent, then something like the Coleman Da Gama could be an option.

Easy Camp Tents

Easy Camp

Easy Camp specialises in entry-level tents.

They are actually a sister brand of Outwell.

If your budget is tight, then you may want to check out some Easy Camp tents, such as the Boston 600.

Robens Tents

RobensRobens produce a lot of adventure tents, but there are a few models that are good for family camping.

For example, they have a range of Tipi tents at an affordable price (…for Tipi style tents that is). In some of these tents, you can even have a wood burning stove, enabling you to get your family out camping a lot more throughout the year.

This is not an exhaustive list of course – there are many more brands of tents.

There are my current views on some popular brands of tents, which I hope helps answer the question when you are trying to work out which tent to buy and why some are more expensive than others.

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  1. I’d suggest the OLPRO Wichenford Breeze inflatable tent – we got one last year and it’s brilliant, sleeps 8 and goes up really easily. Loads of space too.

    11:47 am on January 15, 2018
  2. We have an urban escape tent and they are pretty sturdy with quite a bit of room too. Also they come with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee

    7:18 pm on March 31, 2015

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