Quick Tip: Create a Simple Windbreak for Picnics

December 10, 2013

I love Spring. After a long Winter you get days where the sun really starts to warm things up. Unfortunately in Spring this sunshine often comes with a cold breeze. 

Here’s a simple solution for family picnics that lets you enjoy the sun without the breeze.

Creating a Tarp Windbreak

What you need

If you have a lot of camping gear then you probably have all the bits needed. All items are relatively inexpensive and useful for a number of things, so no need to buy expensive gear.

  • Tarp
  • Tent Pegs (at least 4)
  • Guy Line / Paracord
  • Bungees (optional)

As you can see this is really very simple and something that can be thrown into a rucksack.

Creating a Tarp Windbreak

Attaching the tarp to the tree with a bungee cord
Attach the tarp between two trees using the guyline or paracord.

If you have bungee cords you can make this process a lot quicker.

Make sure you position the tarp so that it blocks the breeze and faces the sun.

Next, peg the remaining tarp into the ground. This part of the tarp will protect you from the wet ground.

Finally, put a picnic blanket on top if you don’t want to sit on a tarp and enjoy your picnic. Simple.

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