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Teaching Older Kids Photography to Keep Their Interest in the Outdoors

You need to encourage kids to get outside, but you also need to give older kids new challenges to make it interesting. Here we use photography to do just that.

7 Well-being Benefits of Getting You & Your Kids Outside

There are a number of benefits of being outside. In fact it's in your genes. It's part of being human. It's therefore good for you.

How to go hiking with kids

If you're anything like me, before you had kids hiking was something you enjoyed.  The challenge was key, either distance of altitude (or both).  Nothing would ...

Walking Poles – Essential for Hiking? Or Not?

Walking Poles can certainly help with hiking on uneven terrain or up hills - but what are they like for family hiking? What about walking poles for kids?

The Secret of Base Layers for Kids – Stay Warm when Out

If you are hiking in the Autumn or Winter, and especially if skiing, you want to get some base layers for your kids as part of a proper layering strategy.

Children’s Walking Gaiters – Dry Kids = Happy Kids

It is hard to find gaiters to fit children. Here are a few gaiters for your kids that will help keep their feet dry in a down pour or hiking through wet grass ...

Being safe when out: Creating a Survival Kit for Your Kids

What would happen if your kid got lost? Would they have the gear they need and know what to do? Read this to find out what they need.

Kid’s Walking Shoes Review – Boots vs. Shoes, Expensive vs. Cheap

Walking boots or walking shoes? Are they too expensive for kids?

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is your secret weapon as a parent to help get your kids outside for a walk. Read this to find out why.

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