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Enthusing Kids to Get Outside

Sometimes kids need motivation to go outside. Here's some useful tips on enthusing kids to get outside and enjoy it.

A Winter’s Night Micro Adventure

We set off on a Winter micro adventure, to climb a hill and have a picnic in the dark with warm tacos and mince pies, despite the freezing cold wind...

A Christmas Hike

Christmas needn't be all about dragging the family around the shops. Get out and go for a hike. Christmas style of course.

Hiking in the Autumn Glory

Autumn is a fantastic time of year for hiking with your family. The scenery can be stunning. Get older kids to take photos; younger kids to collect leaves.

How to keep kids warm and dry when it’s cold

Getting out in the cold weather shouldn't be a problem. Read this guide on how to keep kids warm, and how to layer clothes correctly.

How to keep your feet dry when hiking

Ever wondered what those funny looking things are that some hikers wear around their ankles? In this post we look at what they are and how they keep your feet ...

Autumn Scavenger Hunt – Great for Autumn Family Walks

Autumn is a great time of year for walks. If you are hiking with young kids, try this Autumn Scavenger Hunt to keep them motivated.

Secret Family Walks: we tried Attingham Park’s secrets

As part of the National Trust's Great British Walk festival in 2013 they made a number of secret walks available. We tried the secret walk at Attingham Park in ...

Making Tracks: Children’s Walking Book Review

Making Tracks is a collection of children's walking books for popular regions around the UK, with excellent designs and lots for your kids to do.

Let’s have a picnic!

Picnics are great - but there's so many - from posh baskets to just eating sandwiches. Here are some ideas for great family picnics.

Quick Tip: Create a Simple Windbreak for Picnics

Here's a simple way to create a windbreak for family picnics. No need for expensive gear. Quick and simple to put up.

How to Teach Your Kids Map Reading Skills

Map skills are an essential outdoor skill. Here's a successful method for teaching your kids map reading skills.

Get Out With The Kids
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