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Doing my D of E Bronze Expedition Practice Run

Know someone doing the D of E Bronze award? Here's Lucy to tell you what the D of E Expedition practise run was like.

What Clothes to Wear for the D of E Expedition

Are you doing a D of E Expedition and not sure what to wear or how to wear it correctly to stay warm? This post will help you get it right.

Choosing a Rucksack for Teenagers – as recommended by Scouts and D of E

Kids still need to get out when they're teens, but they're not always quite into adult sizes yet. We look at the D of E and Scouts recommend backpack and ...

Why fresh air is good for your kids

In the winter months most of our families spend too long indoors. Stale air can be bad for us. Fresh air is good for us. Read this article to find out why.

Tip: Keeping your kid’s feet dry with plastic bags

Did you know you can keep feet dry with plastic bags? Not something you would want to do normally but useful in an emergency. It helped us out...

How to avoid dropping your phone (and other accidents) outdoors

A fantastic day out can be ruined if your car keys fell out your pocket somewhere. Here's some practical solutions so this doesn't happen to you.

Family Summer Walking Shoes

Hot feet when walking in the summer isn't nice. We've been putting the Salomon XA kids and adult shoes through the test, as well as the Merrell Moab shoes.

Offa’s Dyke National Trail (& Geocoin)

Offas Dyke is an ancient 'wall' that runs between England and Wales. with a National Trail that runs along it. We've hidden a special geocoin there.

How to make your walking boots more comfortable

You will want comfortable walking boots and good fitting boots for hiking. We look at how insoles designed for hiking can improve your boots and reduce injury.

Is it too cold to play outside?

Is it too cold to play outside? Is it really worth wrapping everyone up warm? Isn't indoor play just as good? Well maybe, maybe not. Read to find out.

Trail Running with Kids

If you fancy going a little quicker than hiking, why not have a go at trail running? You can even go trail running with kids.

Hike your way to better fitness

Did you know that you can get outside and use hiking for fitness and weight loss? Here are some tips for creating your own 'exercise' programme to help loose ...

Get Out With The Kids
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