Tip: Keeping your kid’s feet dry with plastic bags

January 12, 2015

This is not something you want to do instead of getting good clothing, but in an emergency situation some plastic bags could help you out…

Where it all went wrong

It was late December. Boxing Day in fact.

We were going out that evening with about a 20 minute walk, and then we would be standing around for about half an hour watching a firework display.

The weather was cold, wet, and they were forecasting a snow weather-bomb, but for much further North.

Fortunately we’ve got some good outdoor clothes, so everyone had sufficient layers on.

As with most families, by the time everyone was ready, we were starting to run a little late, and rushed out rather quickly.

It was only after we had left that we realised our youngest had trainers on instead of his insulated and waterproof boots!

And yep, you’ve guessed it, the weather bomb hit. We had around 4-5 inches of snow that night – which was great as it was Christmas – but someone now had cold and wet feet.

Plastic Bags to the Rescue

Feet in plastic bags
Fortunately Mum had a spare pair of socks and a couple of plastic bags (….Mum carries all sorts in her bag!).

A change of socks, then feet inside plastic bags, then feet inside the now wet trainers. Worked a treat.

Using plastic bags to keep feet dry is for emergencies only

Plastic bags protecting feet in the snow
Whilst this may sound like a great cost saving tip on getting proper outdoor gear, it’s really only a short term measure.

Bags don’t let your feet breath properly. If your feet start to get sweaty, when the cold weather gets to that moisture, it could make your feet feel even colder.

However, if you’re stuck and one of you needs some additional protection to see you home, this simple solution with plastic bags may just help you out.

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