A Christmas Hike

December 17, 2018

Christmas needn’t be all about dragging the family around the shops. Get out and go for a hike. Christmas style of course.

It’s all too easy to get caught in the trap in the run up to Christmas. You know the one. Up town, trudging around the shops. Looking to find that last little item.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a complete ‘Bah Humbug!’. We love Christmas.

I’m not a complete ‘Bah Humbug!’

But that last little trinket/toy/thing is probably not that essential to get anyway.

Get a break from all the crowds. All the ‘Buy This’ and ‘Buy That’. All the same old Christmas tunes.

There are lots of family Christmas events on up and down the country that you’ll all love – as a family.  And after all, spending time together as a family is supposed to be what Christmas is about (…yes, that doesn’t always go to plan!).

Stay away from the ‘same old’ Christmas events – the over commercialised ones – and look out for something different.

A Windy December Walk

A Windy December Walk

We hiked up to an event held by Natural England at Blakemoorgate Cottages (see route map here).

Walking up the hill

A blowy walk just before Christmas

It was a blowy day, and the hill is quite a climb (especially for little legs), but it’s something a bit different that the kids will remember.

There was no Santa Claus. There was no need for a Santa Claus.

There was no need for a Santa Claus

Two old cottages had been opened up, mince pies and mulled wine were available, and a warm fire greeted you.

Mince pies roasting on the range

Mince pies roasting on the range

The people from Natural England explained all about the history to the kids, telling them what it would have been like if they had lived there.

They then helped us make our own Christmas wreaths before we set off back down the hill as the sun was beginning to set.

Christmas Wreaths made with Natural England

Christmas Wreaths made with Natural England

It can be a bleak place up there, especially when the weather is bad, but like a lot of bleak places, it has a beauty of its own and a strange pull. Add to that the exercise and the fresh air, and you’ll feel tired but invigorated. Refreshed.

That can’t be said of another day uptown in the Christmas rush.

So this Christmas time, try and get outside. The exercise, the air, and the time together (but with more space than the four walls at home) will do you all good.

Merry Christmas

Finished Wreaths

The Finished Wreaths


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