Family Cycling

Being on a bike is both great fun and great exercise.

When most of us were children, a bike was a big step in independence, and enabled us to get around.  Things are a little different now for our children – the roads are a lot busier for one – but that needn’t put a stop to family cycling.

One thing there is now that there wasn’t when us parents were around are all the fantastic cycle trails.  From flat disused railway lines (some still have tunnels), to different mountain biking runs in the forest that are graded in terms of difficulty in the same way ski runs are.

There are now lots of cycle-ways in towns and cities (when I grew up there was one cycle lane that was full of pot holes and a place where people parked there cars), plus the national cycle network that has linked up some good off-road and quiet-road cycle routes.

Here you’ll find some tips and suggestions for getting your family cycling.

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