One of the great things about camping is that it is easy to pop away somewhere for the weekend without breaking the bank.

Weekend camps are typically one night, though may be two if you can get away Friday night.

You therefore don’t want to take a lot of gear as setting up takes time, and you’ll be rushed to setup, have evening meal, go to bed, only to wake up and take it all back down again.  No fun at all.

Single Bedroom Family Tents

Depending on how big your family is, you may decide to opt for a single bedroom tent.

Yes, these will be very cosy, but if you don’t mind sharing these are quick and easy to put up.

Also the fact that these are smaller will encourage you to take less stuff for the over night camp, which will also make life simpler in setting up and packing away.

You don’t need to go to a small backpacking type of tent though, as there are a few great family single bedroom tents.

Outwell Earth 5 Tent Review
We tried out the Outwell Earth 5 tent.

This is a single bedroom tent managed to fit all 5 of us.

It was also small enough to easily fit in the boot of the car and meant we didn’t need to take the trailer, so setting up camp was really quick too. Just what you need when you are just camping one night at the weekend.

Click here to read our review of the Outwell Earth 5 weekend tent.

Robens Mescalero Dimensions
Of course you can get a single bedroom tent that only has one tent pole too: a tipi. If you need something bigger, and something to use in the cooler months as well, have a look at the Robens Mescalero.

Two Bedroom Family Tents

Typically though most families would opt for a two bedroom tent, enabling some separation between Mum’s and Dad’s room and the kid’s.

There are quite a few smaller two bedroom tents that are great for just a single night’s camp….though could be a bit cramped if staying longer. You can also find some larger two bedroom tents that are light enough to use on both weekends and holidays but will be a bit bulkier to transport and longer to pitch.

Pop Up Tents

Pop-up tents are extremely quick to put up.  However, there are a lot of cheap pop-up tents aimed at the music festival market.  These tend to be unstable and have an inadequate fabric, with no inner tent.  They are designed to be relatively disposable, and not ideal for family camping.

Air Framed Tents

Air framed tents came onto the market with the Vango Airbeam range a few years ago, where air is pumped into the frame of the tent so that you don’t need to use tent poles.   This makes them very quick to put up.

Development on this style of tent has continued and you can now get air framed tents from a number of manufacturers.

Outwell Tomcat MP and LP
Air framed tents tend to be expensive and there are many models that are large tents.  Although relatively quick to pitch than their tent-poled large tent cousins, a large air frame tent may not be ideal for an overnight weekend camp simply due to its size… though it is an option if you want to invest in a large tent that can be used for both.

Tents such as the Outwell Tomcat may bridge that gap though as you can get a smaller tent and add an extension for when you need to make the tent bigger.

Additional Shelters

Outwell Polycotton Tarp
I recommend you take a tarp shelter.  You can use a tarp to create a shelter for cooking and is a great way to stay dry, and will compensate for taking a smaller tent.  (Read about tarp shelters here).

Many tents also have extensions, providing you with that bit extra living space (you can find tent extensions here).

For weekend camps it’s best to avoid these as they will just increase the time to set-up camp.  However, if you choose a two-bedroom tent for example, getting an extension would give you that additional space for longer family camping holidays, and so providing you with a little bit more flexibility and no need to buy two tents.

Tent Carpets

MacKenzie Cabin carpet
Even though it is just an overnight camp, we still recommend taking a tent carpet or some form of ground insulation, especially if it is not the height of a warm summer (yes, they do sometimes happen!).

Read more about tent carpets here.

Weekend Camping Tents

Below are a few tents we suggest you look at for weekend camping. Some are larger than others, so you’ll need to judge for yourself what’s best for your situation.

Example Weekend Tents

Below are some examples of weekend tents and what you might expect to pay. Some are smaller tents, and some a tents that you could use for weekends or longer stays, with perhaps some additional shelter, or they are large tents that can be pitched quicker.

If you want to see more suggested tents you could use for weekend camping, click the button below.

View more weekend tents>>

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